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March 21, 2014

The Virginia media seem more concerned with a benign comment by a conservative state senator than with the destructive forces of increased government health care and its punitive cost.

At issue is an off-the-cuff statement made by State Sen. Frank Ruff. He referred to the expensive expansion of Medicaid in Virginia as a 'tar baby.'

Black Caucus member Deloris McQuinn told a news reporter she was offended because people were called 'tar babies' then lynched "on a tree." She gave no examples nor did she explain why the term 'tar baby' is racist -- but the term 'black caucus' is not considered racist.

It's a common tactic used by liberals: Rather than engage in meaningful debate -- a debate they are certain to lose -- they employee a diversion. In this case, they listen to every utterance made by opponents. Eventually someone will make a benign statement that can be exploited as the diversion from the issue at hand.

In this case that diversion was two simple words: Tar baby.

The two words prompted race baiting when a local pastor called for "government-established" workshops to "educate" those ignorant of racially offensive terms.

From our news source we read:
The Rev. Avon Keene, president of both the state and local chapters of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, also attended the meeting Thursday. In his remarks, he called for government-established workshops to help “educate” those who may be ignorant of certain racially offensive terms, slurs and jokes.
I am aware of  no government-established workshop to help "educate" black people who engage in violent black-on-white attacks, the use of terms such as "cracka," or to learn respectful gratitude to white people for the innovative technology that enhances their lives.

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