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March 30, 2014


A video posted on Facebook reveals why black preschoolers are suspended more frequently than their peers.


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  1. The children are our future.
    The future looks bleak.

  2. If that was a white child Children and Families would be breaking down the door.How much you want to bet that nothing is done about it?

  3. She beez a good keeid, she din do nuffin! She beez goin ta skoo, turnin her lif aroun an sheeit. Dem honKKKy craKKKa rayciss dun set dat sista up an sheeit! Word...

  4. This is the crap black parents teach their sprogs, there is another one where the sprog calls it sowpotomus a Hoe, biotch and everything it can, it was posted by a police dept.

  5. If that was a white child Children and Families would be breaking down the door.
    Play School in Champapet