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March 23, 2014

Let's begin with a simple analogy.

Dr. Karl Marx examined his patient -- society -- and made a diagnosis: Society suffers from the disease called cultural and social constructs.

The symptom is economic disparity.
The disease is cultural and social constructs.
The prescribed cure is Marxism.

The misdiagnosis of Dr. Marx and his partner Dr. Engels is understandable. They examined society in the context of nobility which had been the norm in Europe for generations and where trace amounts of nobility are still apparent.

The good doctors, however, applied a faulty syllogism, which is:

1. Nobility is a cultural and social construct.
2. Nobility results in economic disparity.
3. Therefore all economic disparity is caused by cultural and social constructs.

• Reverse thinking 

Note that cultural Marxism thinks backwards. It begins with the conclusion and deduces the cause. Cultural Marxism detects economic disparity. It then presumes the cause is some gawd-awful social construct. Reality be damned.

The inherent problem with Marxism is that it sees privileged nobility where none exist.

It proceeds to wage war against a non-existent privileged nobility in behalf of the ignoble peasants. Sadly, its domination of our education systems and entertainment industries has caused most of us to perceive its absurdities as reality.

• Race and gender

Here are a two examples:

First, cultural Marxists use the term 'white privilege' because they view white people as being the privileged nobility that lords over non-white proletariat peasants.

Second, cultural Marxists use the term 'male dominated society' because they view males as a privileged nobility that lords over females.

Consequently Marxism interprets race in a context of nobility vs serfdom; privileged vs proletariat. Hence the term, White privilege.

Likewise, Marxism interprets gender in a context of nobility vs serfdom; domination vs submission. Hence the familiar phrases male dominated society and submissive housewife.

Cultural Marxism understands racism in the context of nobility vs proletariat. That is why Al Sharpton concludes that only white people can be racists. To Sharpton the word racism is synonymous with nobility. Racism is a cultural Marxist abstract. It is a false positive when used in that context.

We see, then, that the fatal flaw of cultural Marxism is that it still views society as consisting of two classes: the privileged nobility and the unprivileged peasants. It is waging a war against the aristocracy in behalf of the proletariat where neither exists.

Free markets, not Marxism, cured the disease.

• No end in sight

Economic disparity is a fact of life. It will never be eradicated, nor should it be as those who enhance the lives of others should be disproportionately rewarded according to their contribution. Such thinking is anathema to cultural Marxism, even as its Hollywood adherents bathe themselves in ocean-side swimming pools.

Cultural Marxism, therefore, will forever be engaged in its struggle in behalf of the nonexistent proletariat against the privileged nobility.

• Charging windmills and letting blood

Cultural Marxism sees economic disparity and stubbornly attributes that disparity to non-existent social constructs.

In archaic quixotic fashion, cultural Marxism charges windmills that don't exist. Meanwhile, it wholly ignores the real causes of economic disparity and will fight tooth-and-nail against those of us who refuse to imbibe in in Marxist neurosis.

The economic disparity that exists between whites and blacks, for example, is not due to a white nobility, white aristocracy, or white privilege. It can be attributed to genetically predisposed skill sets that allow whites to excel in free markets.

That is why there are so many exceptions to the cultural Marxist rule.

If white privilege were the cause of economic disparity we would expect Ben Carson to living in poverty next to Herman Cain.

If a male dominated society were the cause of economic disparity we would expect Marissa Mayer to be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen along with Meg Whitman.

If white privilege and a male dominated society were the causes of economic disparity we would expect Whoopie Goldberg (net worth $45 million) to be living in poverty along side Oprah Winfrey (net worth $2.9 billion).

The Marxist cure for economic disparity is akin to blood letting. While economic disparity is a reality, blood letting will only make it worse.

• Reduced to the ridiculous

Cultural Marxism can be reduced to a core concept for easy understanding. It is privileged vs proletariat.

Virtually every cultural Marxist endeavor is founded upon the rudimentary basic and archaic principle of nobility lording over peasants.

While the concept of nobility is always present, the word is never used. Cultural Marxists prefer terms such as racist, privileged, xenophobe, chauvinist, etc. to convey the concept of nobility.

This concept is continually set before our eyes and ears as it saturates our minds and becomes embedded in our thinking.

• Erasing imagined racial constructs

In an effort to achieve economic parity, cultural Marxism seeks to destroy racial distinctions.

To accomplish that objective cultural Marxism must ignore the biology and physiology of race and attribute it exclusively to social construction. Acknowledging physiological differences between races is anathema to cultural Marxism because it undermines their moronic thesis that race is nothing more than a social construct.

In 1988, for example, sports commentator Jimmy 'the Greek' Snyder was fired after noting that black athletes were biologically superior to white athletes. In 2007 Nobel laureate James Watson was ostracized after daring to note that blacks were in certain way inferior to whites. Watson, they said, went "beyond the point of acceptable debate." Indeed he did.

Indisputable evidence that the human brain is as racially distinct as skin is dismissed by cultural Marxism because it defies its core concept that white people are sociologically, not biologically, privileged.

• Eradicating gender constructs

In an effort to achieve economic parity, cultural Marxism seeks to destroy gender distinctions.

Even the most casual viewer of television programming can witness the gender-bending mindset of cultural Marxism as women are portrayed with dominating power personalities and men casts in roles that portray them as submissive.

In reality males are genetically predisposed to be more aggressive than women which accounts, in part, for their dominance in business and overly represented in the nation's various penal systems.

Cultural Marxism is adept at blurring the the biological distinctions between genders. We now live in an age when even public restrooms are no longer safe havens for clear and evident gender distinctions.

• The imposition of victimization

Cultural Marxism is adept at convincing the proletariat (non-whites and women) that they are victims of a culture and society in which the odds are intentionally and unjustly stacked against them.

There are instances, of course, when women have been unfairly denied access to advancement due to their gender. But that aspect of human experience is a two-way street, as attested by any male student who wryly watched as a male instructor flirted with a female student.

There are also instance when non-whites have suffered unfair indignities by privileged whites. However, whites are far more likely to face the the indignities of violent black crime.

• The cultural Marxist cult

There is no Church of St. Marx, no weekly meeting place where thousands of Marxists gather each week to sing hymns, share noted, and plan next week's move. To my knowledge there is no highly organized conspiracy.

Nearly all successfully expansive religions, however, have one thing in common. Most have a holy book that contains sacred writings are embodies the essence of the religion. This is true of Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism, Scientology, etc.

Marxism survives and thrives because its neurological nonsense has been forever embodied in its holy book, Das Kapital. From there the silliness is transmitted by nutty professors to future professionals who make certain that even the most rigid Christian fundamentalist is inspired and intimidate by its philosophy ... usually without even knowing their are so affected.

So why is the cultural Marxism cult so successful?

• Side-stepping reality

Because cultural Marxism is not reality based, it seldom seeks to postulate logical arguments or rational explanations. Such would be summarily dismissed.

Instead, cultural Marxism nearly always appeals to our emotional centers rather than our intellects.

The ploy actually works quite well.

Consider the vast number of re-education programs fostered upon us at the workplace and at our government schools. Note that diversity training is always us (privileged white people) learning to be sensitive to them (proletariat victims of our privilege).

Notice, if you will, that the purpose of a Tim Wise seminar is not to convince attendees that black crime is a scourge. You will never see a video at such programs in which a white child is being beaten on a school bus or playground by blacks. You will, however, learn that our white privilege has unfairly pushed non-white aside.

• The power of intimidation

Every business owner in America lives under a cloud of suspicion. They are keenly aware that at any moment and without warning they may be sued or prosecuted due for race or gender discrimination.

To offset the potential liability, businesses and government institutions are compelled to extend diversity training programs to prove their innocence should they ever be sued or prosecuted for discrimination.

Large businesses, in particular, feel compelled to force their employees to attend cultural Marxist diversity training programs. Employees, in turn, feel obligated to participate realizing that their careers are dependent upon their participation and at least pretending to agree with the privileged vs proletariat concept being taught.

• Saturation of minds 

Cultural Marxism has saturated and now dominates the entertainment and news industries as well as the educational system. It is virtually impossible to watch television any Hollywood production without our minds be saturated with white guilt.

The primary function of government schools is to displace rational thinking with the archaic concept of nobility vs peasants. Such concepts are even being incorporated into math classes!

The core of Core Curriculum is nobility vs proletariat; it is cultural Marxism.

There is no Marxist religious denomination. There are government schools.

There is no Marxist evangelistic or missionary institution. There is Hollywood and the news media.

• Mind-altering media

Recall, for example, the movie (or novel) To Kill A Mockingbird. Even though the story is entirely fiction, the people we saw were actors reciting lines on a sound stage, and we were gazing a movie screen, our emotional centers were stimulated and we left the theater with an entirely new understanding.

Such white guilt movies that reinforce the core of cultural Marxism: Nobility vs the proletariat.

That is the theme behind every white guilt movie including Red Tails, Lincoln, The Help, The Butler, and so on.

• Mental calibration

When black-on-white crime is addressed, it is nearly always presented as the natural result of social injustice; that is, of the white privileged class victimizing the proletariat. Black thugs are merely acting out their frustration, the explain.

White victims of black violence are often heard forgiving the aggressors. Why? Because most white people have been convinced that their privileged social status somehow contributed to the violence. They got what was coming to them.

Others are shocked into reality!

How sad it is that a brutal black-on-white attack is required to calibrate our minds back to reality!

While the white nobility unfairly advanced we were not even aware of our advantage over the proletariat whom we victimized.

• Embracing reality

Forcing black and white children to sit beside each other in a classroom will not raise the intelligence quotient of the black student in the slightest.

Forcing white students to endure black violence on school buses and while on school property will have no effect on economic disparity.

Forcing white communities to allow non-whites to live in their midst may give non-white more access to better public services, but the impact of cultural thermodynamics will simultaneously degrade those services for white residents as the tax base is decreased.

In the end, free markets and freedom of association are the most efficient means of enhancing the lives of all humanity.

Inequality will still exist and may become more pronounced.

In free economies, however, economic disparities are virtues, not vices, as innovative producers are rewarded for enhancing the lives of all. And that is the best cure.

• Jamming, scorn and ostracizing

Because cultural Marxism defies logic, it must counter realism with emotional responses.

Consider, for example, that Sen. Joe McCarthy has long been demonized as an evil tyrant. Does anyone stop to think that McCarthy was merely purging Marxism from Hollywood? The memory of McCarthy has been jammed.

Mind jamming is analogous to jamming radio and TV waves causes a distorted image.

When we think of McCarthyism we do not get a clear signal. Our minds are jammed.

Test it. Ask anyone if they know who Joe McCarthy was. As what they know about McCarthyism.

Observe jammed minds.

When you tell the truth about race and gender, you will find yourself being jammed. In the minds of others you become a racist, bigot, intolerant, etc. You suffer the same fate as Joe McCarthy, Jimmy "The Greek" Synder, and Dr. James Watson.

You will be scorned and ostracized.

Perhaps you have noticed that when you attempt to think clearly and express clear thoughts, you are countered -- not with logic and reason -- but with accusations of being ignorant, out of touch with the times, and labeled as a racist, homophobe, or chauvinist.

• History be damned and jammed

Perhaps you have noticed that white history -- as presented by cultural Marxism -- is a narrative of white people abusing non-white people. The nobility is portrayed as brutally subjugating and exploiting non-whites.

We are led to believe that slavery was essentially a white-on-black institution, but are never told that whites ended the millenia-old institution of legal chattel slavery in relatively recent years.

We are told that whites brutalized and slaughtered non-whites wherever they went. We are never reminded that white innovation in the medical and healthcare fields has saved countless millions of non-white lives.

We are told that the privileged white nobility exploited non-whites, but are never told that white innovation from the light bulb to the airplane continually enhance the lives of non-whites.

Historians fail to relay true white history as that of creative invention that provides humanity with more than healthcare, light bulbs, and airplanes. It also provides humanity with cellphones, saxophones, automobiles, spandex, radio technology, satellites, fluoride, and fluorescent lights.

We can add the Internet, calculators, computers with keyboards, flat screens and mouses, video cameras, plastic components, headphones, remote controls, ink pens, envelopes, printers and toner, metal door hinges, latex paint, various metal alloys, sweat pants, codex-style books, mechanical pencils, thermometers, and those are just the things I see from my adjustable chair in my office at this very moment.

What white innovations do you see at this very moment?

Why have you not previously seen the white innovation that enhanced your life?

Who jammed your mind to reality?

How will they attempt to jam your mind tomorrow?

Will they call you a racist for recognizing reality?

When they do, how will you react? Or respond?


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