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March 14, 2014

First, the government of China owes us big money.

How so?

In the year 1347 the Black Death swept Europe. China is to blame for negligence in failing to eliminate Yersinia pestis from rats and fleas boarding sailing vessels headed for Italy.

As a result of their negligence as many as 200 million Europeans died.

I figure reparations due should be around $100 million to every individual who can prove European ancestry, though we would settle for a few hundred dollars each.

If they don't pay up, then all nations with substantial European populations will no longer allow trade with China.

Sounds silly? It is. But there's  more.

Second, the railway company that transported Jews to concentration camps must pay reparations to those who survived the camps. The fact that the company is a state-owned corporation and the individuals responsible for making the mechanics function have long since passed off the scene is of no consequence.

If the railway company fails to pay up, it will be boycotted by American state and federal governments and others.

Third, sub-Sarharan African nations that sold black slaves to America must be held financially accountable for crimes committed in America by the descendants of those slaves. The fact that current African nations did not exist at the time and the persons involved -- many black African chieftains selling other blacks -- have long since died is of no consequence. Those nations must also be held accountable for the American 'Civil War' that would not have occurred were it not for slavery.

If the nations fail to pay they will receive no more aid or trade from America.

Fourth, reparations are also in order for slavery in the Caribbean. European nations that participated in or allowed such trade to exist using shipping vessels bearing their respective flags must pay reparations. The fact that the tax payers in those nations were not alive at the time is not a valid consideration.

European nations that fail to pay will face stiff sanctions by the International community.

Fifth, Britain and India must also pay reparations to the United States for the Revolutionary War. Britain is responsible for its direct involvement and India is accountable because the tea sold by the East India Company. The fact that some Indians acted under coercion and that the East India Company was a British firm are not a valid excuses.

If the British and Indian governments fail to pay, they will face trade sanctions from the USA.

Of the above five absurd reparations scenarios -- China to Europeans, railway to Jews, African nations to Americans, European nations to Caribbean nations, and Britain and India to America -- which two have actually been initiated?

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