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March 29, 2014

My ancestor moved here in 1699, three generations before the colonies formed a nation.

He was a French Huguenot who fled religious persecution.The British gave him farmland in Virginia as payment for his military service.

There he raised a family and passed the land on to his descendants, some of whom acquired slaves as attested in baptismal records and wills.

Today the dirt once tread under the feet of my ancestors is covered with asphalt surrounding a strip mall.

Not to worry.

And so I stop in the pharmacy, the Chinese restaurant, and one-hour laundry at will. They complain, of course, when I move about with impunity and help myself to whatever I choose. It is, after all, my land. I was there long before the ground was broken with bulldozers.

Well, not technically.

I was there vicariously. My ancestors represented me and I represent them. So it's my strip mall, my pharmacy, my restaurant, and my one-day laundry.

Am I missing something?

Yes, I am. I'm missing common sense, logic, reason, and a sense of history.

And so it was with the professor from Texas when he declared the Americas to be his and his Hispanic kinsmen. After all, they were there first.

Well, not technically.

What's more I figure I own all the black people descended from my ancestors' slaves.


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  1. He talks about white people but he looks white to me.