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March 25, 2014

Chris Matthews declares racism to be a thing of the past.
There will never come a day when racial discrimination will be declared "over."

It doesn't matter how many Confederate flags we take down, how infrequently the n word is used, or how much black history we teach in our schools. We can purge every state Capitol of statues comemorating white statesmen, rename every college structure after some African American, and declare the names Bob, Sue, and Buffy to be racist and, therefore, banned. They will not be satisfied.

The matter will never be declared "closed."

We can integrate until there is absolute equity on ever residential block in America. We can appoint unqualified black CEOs in every major corporation until we run out of blacks to appoint. We can integrate ever school down to the rows of chairs in every classroom, and it won't be enough. We can guarantee a diploma and college degree for every black student who desires them. They will not be satisfied.

There will never be a day when Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Rev. Al Sharpton call a joint press conference to announce that white people have come to terms with their guilt and full contrition has been achieved and accepted.

That day will never come.

There will never be a day when reparations are declared fully paid. We can pay them once, or twice, or a million times a million and it will never be enough. We can issue EBT cards to every black person as right of birth and guarantee they are fed to their full at our expense. We can distribute cell phones, pay utility bills, and promise every Negro from Selma to San Francisco a Cadillac of their choosing and we'll still be vilified as white racists.

We can give every black person free health care and even pay them for getting sick, and they will not be satisfied.

There will never be a day when Louis Farrakhan stands before his masses to announce that white Americans have fully atoned for their sins.

It doesn't matter how many blacks we elect to public office. Were every future President, Vice-President, Senate and Congressional seat reserved for black people, it will not satisfy the lust to lay guilt and shame at the feet of white Americans. It matters not if we agree with demands to allow ten million dead people vote for Democrats, integrate the GOP until Allen West is just another face in the crowd, and rewrite history until every white person who ever lived is portrayed as a shameful slave owner of every black person who has ever lived.

There will never be a day when tears of joy flood the eyes of Chris Matthews and Mellissa Perry-Harris as they express their gratitude to white Americans for finally coming around and making amends.

We can name every street, mountain, and mole hill for a black person, declare every month black history month, and force every jetliner pilot to surrender his seat to an unqualified person of African descent. It will not satisfy them. We can begin every day with a prayer to Barack Obama, adorn our walls with photos of Martin Luther King, Jr., and erect a statue to Rosa Parks on every lawn in Whitopia. They will still demand more.

We can excuse every crime committed by every black thug, empty our jails and prisons of every African, and pass laws that prohibit both racial profiling and the arrest of persons with dark skin. They will always find another crumb, crack or smudge that points to abject racism.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if some black invents some absurdity such as micro-racism.

The day will never come when racism is declared a thing of the past.

So why do we bother trying to appease them?


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  1. We can have every sports team filled disproportionately with blacks. We can pas legislation that states blacks are athletically superior. We can pass laws that state blacks have better anatomical features for all woman to procreate with. We can deny the genocide of whites in Southern Africa. We can fill our white schools with black principles. We can outlaw white men in any authority position in our public schools. We can give all scholarships for athletics to thugs from the inner city. We can have all white colleges cheer in unison for all black football, basketball teams. We can kill off all the white Navy Seals and use millions of dollars of white peoples money to try and recruit non-whites into the special forces when they can't even swim 50yds and don't cut it. We can claim black fighter pilots the missing link that one WW2.