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March 24, 2014

Leftists are prone to paint themselves in corners.

Consider, for example, their former phobic-level fears regarding overpopulation and the dire consequences of over taxing and exhausting diminishing resources.

Then came illegal immigration.

Suddenly -- and without warning -- leftists abandoned their overpopulation worries. They fretted, instead, that evil white racism was hording America's resources and denying them to fence-hopping and river-wading Hispanics invading by the millions over the Southern border.

Another painted corner was seen when those same compassionate liberals lost their love for Hispanics -- such as the young and vulnerable Elian Gonzalez -- who came from Cuba. Leftists, we discover, only care about non-Cuban Hispanics because refugees from Castro's Cuba tend to vote Republican.

Now comes the race dilemma.

One of the greatest achievements of Western culture in this century was The Human Genome Project (HGP).

The HGP was completed in April 2003. It gave scientists the ability to read nature's complete genetic blueprint for "building" a human.

It was promptly announced that race was, after all, a social construct. The HGP revealed that all humans are more alike than different. Race was no exception.

"...all human beings, regardless of race, are more than 99.9 percent the same,” boasted then-President Bill Clinton.

To disagree was to be labeled an irrational racist.

Now, with the floor covered with paint except for the corner where leftist lean on the wall and look approvingly at their handiwork, comes another concern: Biological difference between races require diverse health care treatments. Blacks are prone to high blood pressure and East Asians are also homogeneously lactose intolerant. There is no cheese in China.

It would be both irrational and irresponsible for health care researchers not to reference genetic causes for other certain health concerns.

Like Galileo staring down the supreme authority of 'The Church,' health care researchers find themselves at odds with the supremacy of social scientists.

Hence this corner:

To admit racial difference would be to affront cultural Marxism that depends on biological sameness to justify its never-ending quest for social causes for economic disparities.

To not admit racial differences would be allow person of color to languish without the benefit of required treatment for race-related health issues.

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Leftists love to celebrate diversity even as they deny we are diverse.

The truth is, we are different.

• Diversity is an indisputable natural phenomenon

In an article defying 'scientific racism,' the late writer Glayde Whitney observed:
When wolves encounter dogs, they usually eat them. But sometimes they mate with them. When they mate it is almost always the male wolf with the female dog. The reverse is rare — male dogs are almost never able to mate with female wolves. The hybrid puppies are usually fully fertile, so by this definition Canis lupus and Canis familiaris are not different species. The point is that species and races are concepts of classification that often blur around the edges. This is because of the very nature of biological reality.
Whitney was a behavioral geneticist and psychology professor at Florida State University. [source]

During a dinner conversation with a friend who is both an avid hunter and physician, I was surprised to learn that deer are related to rabbits and rats. The thought that Bambi is nothing more than an over-sized rodent may be a bit extreme, but the differences are apparent.

• More then merely black and white

I suppose humans are somewhat more similar to each other than various forms of dogs and rodents. We are, after all, the descendants of the same ancestors and, at the end of the day, we are all cousins -- distant cousins -- but cousins, none the less.

When I encounter a black person I am encountering someone who is my relative. But we are different.

In his book, RACE, EVOLUTION AND BEHAVIOR: A Life History Perspective, the late J. Philippe Rushton wrote,
White men can't jump. Asian men can't either. But according to Jon Entine's new book, Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We Are Afraid to Talk About It, Black men - and women - sure can. The usual reason given for Black athletic success is that Blacks have little chance to get ahead elsewhere. But Entine's new book shows that in sports, Blacks have a genetic edge.
Rushton goes on to explain that

• Blacks have narrower hips which gives them a more efficient stride.
• Blacks have a shorter sitting height which provides a higher center of gravity and a better balance.
• Blacks have wider shoulders, less body fat, and more muscle.
• Their muscles include more fast twitch muscles which produce power.
• Blacks have from 3 to 19% more of the sex hormone testosterone than Whites or East Asians.
  The testosterone translates into more explosive energy. [source]

Whitney later noted that "The most solid and remarkable finding is that genetically, the people from Sub-Saharan Africa are the most different from all other living humans."

• Inverse logic

When data reveals racial differences in disease susceptibility, cultural Marxism seeks for socio/economic causes. Such inverse reasoning is inherently racist in that it lends itself to denying people groups access to treatment tailored to their ethnicity.

For example: The National Program of Cancer Registries submitted research results to the Centers for Disease Control revealing that black women "had the highest rate of getting cervical cancer."

Cultural Marxism would necessarily presume a socio-economic cause because it begins with the conclusion that race is a social construct and that susceptibility to any disease cannot be attributed to race because race, in their mind, does not exist.

One would expect, then, that the lowest rate of cervical cancer would be found among women of the most economic privileged ethnicity: white women. But such is not the case. The study demonstrated that while Hispanic women also had higher instances of cervical cancer than white women, other non-white women had lower instances of the disease including American Indian/Alaska Native, and Asian/Pacific Islander women. [source]

Leftist may attempt to paint themselves out of the corner by supposing that other environmental and cultural causes are in play, but when all diseases are racially correlated, it becomes abundantly clear that only the most stubborn and ill-informed would cling to the false notion that race is nothing more than a social construct rather than a genetic reality.

Their stubbornness is as deadly as it is dimwitted. A cultural Marxist prescription for the prevention of cervical cancer would be wealth redistribution. If all women were economically equitable, they would all be expected to endure the same rate of cervical cancer regardless of race, according to the Marxist model.

That's akin to supposed that rats, rabbits, and deer fed the same oats and sheltered in identical cages would look and behave identically.

The ultimate conclusion is that leftism -- including cultural Marxism -- is not only fatally flawed, it is abjectly racist.

I see no reason to dislike -- let alone hate -- someone due to biological ethnic variations. I also see no reason to bury my head in the sands of political correctness and deny such obvious differences exist for the primary purpose of appeasing a discredited cultural Marxist doctrine.


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