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March 19, 2014

Scenes of black savages hiding in the dark shadows of the African jungle, laying in wait for unsuspecting white travelers embarked on a safari are familiar to those of us old enough to recall when Tarzan movies were common fare on Saturday afternoon TV.

Similar scenes were played out in the concrete jungle of New Orleans this week where black teens hid in the night shadows awaiting white travelers on bicycles. The savage mobs would pounce on the unsuspecting riders, beat them, steal their stuff, and make off with their bicycles.

Unlike the black-and-white Tarzan  movies, the scenes in New Orleans were real life and in living blood-red color.

Two of the savage attacks were captured on security video cameras.

From our source we read:

Two suspects were arrested in connection with a pair of armed robberies that occurred about 15 minutes apart early Sunday morning in the French Quarter, New Orleans police said. Clifton Nelson and Denzel Parker, both 17, were arrested in St. Roch about an hour after the robberies took place. Other suspects were also involved in the robberies, police said.

Victim seen walking alone.
The first robbery occurred about 1:40 a.m. A man was walking his bike in the 300 block of Burgundy St., when he was stopped by a group of young men. One member of the group then pointed a gun at the man's neck, and took the man's bike and other property.

Victim (upper left) approached by savages.
About 15 minutes later, another man riding his bicycle in the 400 block of Burgundy St. was attacked by a group of young men who ran at him from behind parked cars. The assailantsstruck the bicyclist in the head, causing him to fall to the ground. His bicycle and cell phone were stolen, police said.

Victim (lower right) attempts to flee.
Later, police were called to the corner of Franklin Ave. and St. Claude Ave., where several young men were caught looking into parked vehicles. Some of the young men were later apprehended near Franklin Ave. and N. Robertson St.

After the arrest, the robbery victims identified Nelson and Parker as being members of the group of young men who attacked them, police said. A juvenile was also apprehended for a curfew violation.

Police released video of the group of young men walking away from one of the robbery scenes.

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Our policy is to be fair and balanced. If you are aware a white savages randomly attacking black pedestrians or bicyclists at night, please post a link in the comment section below.


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