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March 13, 2014

I usually admire young teens who take the initiative to get jobs.

It means they have the right perspective on life.
No one owes them a living.
They'd rather work for minimum wage than risk a life of crime.

Sometimes I'm wrong and this is one of those times.

Vettia Rochem, 43, was the shift manager at Taco Bell; the single mother of a teenage daughter.

As Vettia was walking to her car after a long night on the job, two of her employees allegedly attacker her with tire irons, shot her multiple times, then dumper her body behind the restaurant.

Arrested are Rendauldous Chisholm and Kenneth Temple. Robbery was the apparent motive. Both are 19.

The crime occurred in Montgomery, Alabama Sunday night or early Monday morning. Vettia's body was found Monday, March 11, 2014.

52.2 percent of homicides are committed by blacks, according to Dept. of Justice statistics. Most are committed by black males age 18 to 49.

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