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March 31, 2014

There is head scratching and staring off into space as if in deep contemplation.

Others shake their heads and stare at the floor, befuddled and bemused.

Brows curl as eyebrows raise. And always there is a frown.

Kendal Dorsey, 15, an aspiring rapper was one of the victims. She and four others were gunned down at the Civic Club in Baker, Louisiana. Also shot were Marcell Franklin, 15; Diontrey Claiborne, 18; and Javaughn Simmons, 19.

The shooting occurred just before 11 p.m. Simmons, shot in the jaw, is expected to recover. The others died from bullet wounds. A 16-year-old boy was arrested, his name withheld due to his age. The triple homicide occurred Friday night.

The club is a pole-barn structure that had been rented for a party.

A group of black teens, raucous music, and we all pretend to be befuddled.

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  1. Vulgarity vulgarity perjoratives perjoratives blah zay spleeb. Hey the Tigers won today!!!

  2. and another one bites the dust love these stories!!!

    1. Indeed, most thinking people agree with your comment.

  3. Some of the comments are 'typical', some are actually good. Are the people of America finally waking up to the cancer that plagues our great nation? 99.99% of the time a black or brown is in possession of a firearm, things are going to turn out bad. There is NO way our forefathers intended for the 2nd amendment to appy to everyone. Yes, I'm implying that said amendment should be repealed for non-whites, America doesn't have a 'gun problem', we have a minorities-with-guns problem!

  4. I actually have a bumper sticker that reads: "Guns don't kill people...dangerous minorities do!"