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March 13, 2014

Professional dog walker Nancy Motes was found dead in her bathtub last month.

She left behind a five-page suicide note excoriating actress Julia Roberts as a cause of her depressed state. added to the drama by releasing a text conversation between the half-siblings.

Roberts: "If you plan on seeing Mom in the next 2 weeks you should go in the next hour.
Thanks," texted Roberts in November 2013, while their mother was presumably in the hospital fighting breast cancer.
Motes: "We're heading to see her now. Thanks."
Roberts: "Please be gone by 3:30."
Roberts, a week later: "We will text you when Mom’s surgery is scheduled."
Motes: "Mom asked me to come to the hospital. I’m coming."

The celebrity-focused website did not confirm the authenticity of the texts and later removed the messages.

Roberts and Motes were half-sisters who shared the same mother.

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