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March 29, 2014

No one tried to help David Egan when he was savagely attacked by a black student in an Atlanta area high school locker room.

We know, of course, that had the races been reversed the victim's image would become creased into our gray matter by the mainstream Marxist media for years to come.

It never is.

Rather, the attack fits the pattern seen multiple times as black teens attack vulnerable white classmates for the pleasure and entertainment of themselves and their friends.

Several of the by-standing students cheered and laughed. Egan was first stunned by a sucker punch in his face, then pounded so hard that his nose was detached from his skull.

There were three cell phones video recording the attack. Apparently at least three people in the locker room expected the attack.

The alleged attacker was charged with aggravated battery as a juvenile.

The pretext for the attack was missing sneakers.

"He just came up to me and started asking me a question and in the middle of my sentence, he just hit me and I blacked out. And I really don't know what happened next. Just woke up and I was on the way here so," Egan said according to WXIN TV.

Those who dare express outrage will, of course, be summarily dismissed as racists.

Jim Crow laws, including school segregation, were designed to protect white people like Egan.

Meanwhile, Eric Holder is pressing to reduce the suspensions of misbehaving black students, claiming such punishment is a precursor to disparate impact. The notion is that black students punished for misbehaving will find employment more difficult when they become adults.

The attack was reported by the media on March 27, 2014.

If your son or daughter were attacked in a similar manner, what would your response be?

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  1. My god it looks like they tried to kill this kid.

  2. The only thing the savages understand is violence. Holder knows that reducing black suspensions will encourage more of this. I would NEVER send my child to school with these savage blacks.

  3. we got to make this right. this is glorified rapper violence thugs rule and the price has to be paid. punching someone out after your tennis shoes are missing, yeah right the white kid went and stole some black kids stinking shoes. ludicrous and fuels the thuggery as ho hum now wee are even. its entitlement and racist criminal nonsense. cmon 3 videos were rolling? so that rappers rule and bling bling loud proud retards are given free pass to act like savages. make it right. baseball bat comes to mind. permanent crippling, molten bones, the works. if it were me i would risk it just to make things right.

  4. no news station has reported the attacker as black..

  5. Time for them that perpetrated this to be hunted down an have an accident. I'm just throwing it out there....

    1. While we don't advocate violence, we do acknowledge legal self defense.

  6. My kids go to the neighboring high school to Egan's, and all these kids from both schools essentially attend the same churches, parties, shopping malls, etc. Within an hour of the reported attack on Egan, when the media was still trying to hide the attacker, I had a "hunch" it was a black perpetrator (call it "glaringly evident common sense"), and all I had to do was ask my teenagers to get on their phones to find out. It took them about 30 seconds to find out it was a black kid named Chris. I can easily get his last name as well. We live 5 minutes from his school.

    Furthermore, the large grocery store chains in both Egan's (Parkview High) and our family's (Brookwood High) districts have been experiencing black guys in the past few weeks who are boldly driving up to shoppers in the parking lot (usually older white females who are alone), snatching their purses, and speeding off. This is not at night, mind you. The last one I know of was Friday at 3pm, broad daylight, as I inadvertently arrived at the store the exact same time the cops responded to the 911 call about the purse snatching.

    This is why we're moving out of state next a Whitopia out West. In the meantime, I'm waiting for my CWP to come in the mail, and I plan to be armed wherever I go.