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March 25, 2014

Louisville's waterfront lures unsuspecting white people
to be preyed upon by savagery. The pandemic nature
of the attacks provides a compelling argument that
it is a genetic script found in virtually all
American communities of African descent.
When the community of Louisville, Kentucky invested in a waterfront recreation area on the Ohio River their intent was not to provide a hunting ground where innocent and gullible residents would become victims to malicious savage mobs with African  ancestry.

Nonetheless, young males of African descent appear to be following a genetic script that compels them to hunt in packs, preying on weak and vulnerable victims.

Authorities are forced to acknowledge that their community is not immune from the phenomenon that is pandemicly apparent across the country.

Mayor Greg Fischer unwittingly admitted that neither parental nor community training could override the script when he observed, "You weren't raised this way; it is not the way we roll in the city."

Community leaders have no choice but the face the violence, they refuse to acknowledge its root cause. Rather they seek socio-economic explanations for the violence. It's akin to blaming Bigfoot for the poop outside your Collie's doghouse. What does not exist cannot be found and ignoring the obvious doesn't make it less obvious.

Nonetheless investment is being made to counter the savagery.

Apologists for violent black rascality say that black teens are deprived of adequate entertainment venues, such as movie theaters, and gather, instead, in the dark shadows of the Waterfront area.

Privileged white people, on the other hand, have access to multiple entertainment opportunities and that, they explain, is why black thugs attack innocent and defenseless people while white suburbanites do not.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For suburban families, downtown's Waterfront Park is but one gathering place. But for some west Louisville teenagers, it may be the only place.

"They shut down the movies," a party organizer who bills himself Young Commercial. "You can't go after 6 without a parent. But you go to Waterfront. Basically they go down there to have a good time."

"To the young kids; y'all know what you did was wrong," Metro Mayor Greg Fischer said Monday. "You weren't raised this way; it is not the way we roll in the city."

Community organizers won't call Saturday's mob violence a case of wilding waiting to happen. But they caution that it could foreshadow a difficult spring and summer.

"If we don't get it now-try to do things, better steps to stop it from happening, somebody else is gonna get really hurt," Young Commercial said.

"The answer to the wilding is not a beefed-up police force," said the Rev. Dr. Kevin Cosby, pastor of St. Stephen Baptist Church, "but beefed up investment in West Louisville."

The new Walmart Supercenter could be a step toward that end, bringing jobs when it opens at 18th & Broadway.

"We believe they (teenagers involved in violence) come from good families but made bad choices, said the Rev. Vincent James, pastor of Elim Baptist Church. "So we have an opportunity to be able to correct that."

Downtown promoters maintain that Saturday's troubles are merely a stumble.

"You can ask the question as many ways as you like," said David Karem, President and executive director of the Waterfront Development Corporation. "But Louisville has a safe downtown-with a fine Metro Police Department. It's growing and it's going to continue to grow."

Louisville Downtown Partnership's interim director, Rebecca Matheny, praised the promise of more police patrols, whether via horseback, bicycle or on foot. But she lays a greater responsibility upon parents.

"It's incumbent on them," Matheny said. "If you didn't know where your kids were Saturday night, ask them. Find out where they were, and take a more active role.

"That's why I was stressing the parents," a party organizer identified as DJ Fatman. "It comes back to knowing where your kids are, at all times."

And creating more options than simply more places to gather and wander.

"If you stop ‘em from the waterfront, they go somewhere else,"  said Young Commercial.
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  1. There's obviously a communication disconnect between Matheny and her intended audience who are scratching their heads and making faces at each other wondering what the hell "incumbent" means. It's a mistake I find myself making time and again - assuming people around me have the same frame of reference I have, the same value system. Were that the case, this problem would never have arisen.