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March 25, 2014

White leftists hold signs at a JCPS meeting
that demand the schools allow black thugs
to disrupt classes with impunity. Such people
fancy themselves as being 'anti-racists.'
Louisville's government school system is considering the implementation of a race-based discipline policy designed to discriminate against whites and other non-black students.

Under pressure from black 'civil rights' groups,  the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) is set to deal with the heavy burden of black-student suspensions: The plan is to ease the punishment on black students.

Activists crowded a Louisville school board meeting Monday night, some holding signs aloft that read "Zero Tolerance Harms" and "Restorative Practices Now."

The criticism comes in the wake of a joint cable from Eric Holder and the Dept. of Education chief Arne Duncan. Cultural Marxist doctrine holds that whites are disciplined less frequently because they are privileged.

Black college students brawling in a cafeteria is an
example of disparate impact caused by white privilege.
The theory is that suspensions make life more difficult for students later in life, a concept called disparate impact. In short, the economic failure of blacks relative to whites is blamed on schools who have the audacity to punishment them for misbehaving. The disparate impact doctrine is used by cultural Marxism to shift responsibility away from blacks. Rather than transferring wealth it transfers blame.

David Snardon, pastor of Joshua Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, called the situation a "crisis."

Rational people, on the other hand, noted that serious students will find learning more challenging in classrooms where disruption is already a major distraction.

Statistics released by Jefferson County Public Schools reflected national figures that show black students are disproportionately disruptive and are, therefore, disproportionately disciplined.

While 37 percent of JCPS students are black, they accounted for two-thirds of the district's suspensions last year — 9,020 of the district's 13,572 total, according to official counts. White students, conversely, represent 49 percent of the district's enrollment, but they accounted for just 28 percent of the district's suspensions, racking up 3,735 instances.

The trend is holding up through the first half of this school year, with black students accounting for two-thirds of the district's 4,627 suspensions — compared with 27 percent for white students.
Snardon said the number prove the school district is racist, or that the district's policies are "racially biased."

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  1. "The disparate impact doctrine is used by cultural Marxism to shift responsibility away from blacks. Rather than transferring wealth it transfers blame."

    Lol. As an attorney, I read that and had a good chuckle, because that's the most succinct way, the most truthful way I have heard the doctrine's policy described.