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March 30, 2014

A mob of young black thugs went on a racist orgy of violence in Louisville last weekend.

Among the victims was a woman who was dragged from her car and beaten unconscious as her five terrified children watched from the vehicle.

Lawyers, family members, and others insist the two black youths arrested are completely innocent.

Some of the reasons we are hearing:

• They were the only black teens the cops could find, so they arrested them.
• It's racial profiling.
• There were no where near the site of the attack.
• It's hyped media hysteria.
• Police like to persecute young black males.
• They were arrested for wearing black hoodies.
• They're cell phones were somewhere else.

Cousins Shaquazz Allen, 19, and Tyrone Booker, 20 were arrested and were denied home detention for the attack. The two were already under detention for possession of property stolen from Bader's Market located at the site of the attack.

A news report quoted their aunt, Angela Montgomery, as saying, "When they are cleared, and they will be cleared, this is going to get ugly."

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