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March 25, 2014

African mobs run rampant in Louisville.
Over 200 savages of African ancestry terrorized residents of Louisville yesterday, prompting police to beef up their presence in the Waterfront Park and downtown districts.

Seventeen separate incidents were reported during the melee.

While security video camera captured images of black adolescents jumping on cars, more serious crimes of assaults and robberies were reported. Among the assaults were young white parents who were viciously beaten as their young children watched in terror.

Part of an African mob estimated at about 50
terrorize patrons at a downtown food mart.
When the Africans attacked a 13-year-old girl, a news report said, a man intervened. He, in turn, was viciously beaten.

Another report said that a woman in a parked car was repeatedly punched in the head after a black mob of about 80 teens pelted her vehicle with trash cans. That attack took place near a White Castle restaurant.

Later a group of black thugs attacked a man who required hospitalization.

In another attack a woman and her small grandchildren were forced to watch a mob of youths with African DNA severely beat her 61-year-old husband. When police arrived they refused to serve and protect the woman and her grandchildren who were forced to walk to their vehicle surrounded by the jeering, laughing thugs who beat the grandfather to a pulp.

Waterfront Park in Louisville where a grandfather was
savagely beaten while his wife and grandchildren
were forced to watch. 
Police made only one arrest as they expressed their inability to pinpoint a cause for the attacks other than warm weather.

Jim Crow laws were instituted in the South to help control what was once called black rascality. The purpose of Jim Crow was to protect white people from savage mob violence experienced in Louisville in recent days and will continue in the foreseeable future.

Courier-Journal report ►

Savage mob attacks by young Africans males have also been reported in
Kansas City ►
New Orleans ►
Cleveland ►
Lafayette, LA ►


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  1. I think we all know there is but one solution to this ever-growing problem......overwhelming force is the ONLY way to contain/stop this sickness!

  2. why are white people so scared to fight back? oh, I know, cause we will get arrested!!! black animals can get away with it cause they are retarted and don't know any better. WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE!!!

  3. Civil War 2, the time is upon us.....good people, train and prepare, its coming!

  4. MARK -- Thanks for your post and you passion. We are making an effort to reject comments that contain obscenities and pejoratives. Consequently, some comments are rejected -- not because we necessarily disagree -- but because we prefer to maintain a sense of decorum.