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March 25, 2014

A white teen suffered a broken jaw after being
punished by stoning and beating for violating
Lafayette, Louisiana's unwritten segregation law.
Though not written into the legal code, the rule of law in Lafayette, Louisiana imposes strict segregation that demands severe physical punishment for offenders.

A 15-year-old white high school student and his two companions learned of the law by experience. The threesome were brutally beaten by black thugs because "'you are in our territory."

News reports say the unnamed boys were walking along a railroad track after school when a mob of adolescents of African descent began pelting them with rocks. The victims were then beaten and robbed.

The attack occurred in March, 2014 and was reported by the media March 20th.

Whites who violate unofficial segregation laws in
Lafayette, Louisiana are punished by stoning and beating.
They are also relieved of their valuables at the time
Karen Stelly, the mother of one of the teens, said her son suffered a broken jaw and was required to endure painful surgery.

Many Americans of African descent have difficulty discerning the concepts of integration and segregation. While black agitators demand government-forced integration of schools, business, etc., they simultaneously enforce a territorial tribalism which are unofficial no-go zones for white people.

Site where three white teens were stoned, severely beaten and robbed
for violating Lafayette's unofficial racial segregation law.

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  1. Our forefathers would be shooting by now.