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March 16, 2014

He was ...

... a good student, a respectful teen, an angle-faced lad of seventeen, a high-school football player; raised in a stable two-parent home.

He is ...

... in jail awaiting trial for murder, black; looks like he could be Obama's son.

On February 23 Byron White was determined to snatch a cell phone from 54-year-old David Peterson. When unarmed Peterson resisted, the young black male upped the ante with a hand gun, pumped a bullet in the white man's chest, and parted company with the cell phone in hand.

Initially White began to walk away after a failed struggle, but as Peterson was calling 911 to report the crime, White turned and fired the deadly shot. He then headed to the airport where he was arrested. His intent was to travel to Atlanta.

To some the ordeal is a matter of a failed society, hand guns, and juvenile justice system that requires serious tweaking. To others -- those you will never hear from unless you read web sites like this one -- it's a question of an apparent-inherent tendency of many young black males to commit violent crime.

In White's case the myth that money -- or the lack thereof -- accounts for violent crime is unsustainable. The teen was privileged to live in a two-parent home where his mother claimed, "We gave him all that he needed."

Yvette Watkins, who we assume was not married to White's father due to a difference in surnames, attributed her son's bad behavior to a recent "turn for the worse."

We're not surprised.

Virtually all humans experience a wing-stretching period of rebellion during adolescence. It's nature's way of breaking the proverbial apron strings and, all the while, providing a nerve-grinding obnoxiousness that compels parents to nudge their little darlings out of the nest.

Few, however, commit cold-blooded murder.

If black folks have a genetic disposition to violence, white people seem equally challenged with a proclivity for accommodation. Combined, the two make for a serious societal flaw.

The Seattle Times, for example, wants us to know that Peterson's widow isn't the only one grieving.
Pettigrew Peterson, the widow of David Peterson, 54, said that as a mother and a person of faith she has forgiven her husband’s killer and feels nothing but grief for his family [source].
Although white people ooze with such amiability, their kindness isn't reciprocated. We are eviscerated by non-whites as brutal beasts whose history is an existence of intolerance, hate, and murderous mischief; even as they use the handguns we invented to kill us to snatch the cell phones we invented to catch a flight on an airplane we invented to flee to Atlanta which was burned to the ground 149 years ago as we fought one another over them.

The murder took place in Greenwood, Washington near Seattle as Peterson was out for an evening stroll. Police believe White was with two companions and that the threesome were suspect in an earlier attempted robbery. They are also suspected of stealing money from the nearby Baranof restaurant. Authorities were actually responding to those other incidents just minutes prior to the murder of Peterson.

How many more such crimes must we endure before white people surrender their pretense of privilege, abandon their national neurosis, and admit the coarse reality that black crime is both endemic and pandemic?

Source ►
Teen murder suspect took 'turn for the worse' ►
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North 85th Street and First Avenue Northwest in Greenwood, Washington where
news reports say unarmed David Peterson lost his life.
It was reported that Bryon White complained about
the quality of the cell phone he stole from
the unarmed David Peterson.

The unarmed David Peterson lost
his life last month, a victim of
black crime and white altruism.


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