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March 14, 2014

Famed boxer Floyd Mayweather is missing some jewelry.

Was it stolen? Apparently Mayweather believes it was. And he's also convinced that he knows the identify of the thieves.

And so -- if allegations are correct -- Mayweather deployed a personal lynch mob to kidnap and beat the suspected culprits.

Side-stepping the rule of law, due process, and conventional judicial procedures are widely condemned as immoral by cultural Marxism, but only when the mob is white and the victim non-white.

In this case the mouth of Marxism is hushed.

The victims were hired by Mayweather, according to reports, to work on Mayweather's mansion. When the boxer discovered some of his expensive jewelry missing, he put 'two and two' together, then arranged for his own due process.

The men agreed to meet Mayweather. When they arrived they were greeting by the boxer and his goons who beat the victims nearly to death. Both suffered broken legs and arms.

They claim they took nothing.

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