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March 21, 2014

Robert L. Henry, 55, died yesterday with a little help from the state of Florida.

Henry was convicted of killing two women during a store robbery in 1987. Even though he was arrested the day after the murder, Henry managed to survive in prison until March 20, 2014.

The victims, Phyllis Harris, 53, and Janet Thermidor, 35, were beat in the head with hammer then set afire. Henry was the victims' co-worker at the Cloth World store in Deerfield Beach.

Why a fabric store would hire a black male is open to speculation. We speculate Affirmative Action.

Henry took $1,269 from the store.

Henry first approached Harris after the store had closed on Nov. 2, 1987, telling her unknown robbers had ordered him to tie her up and blindfold her.

Henry took Harris to a restroom, tied her to a urinal, then went to the store’s office where he hit Thermidor repeatedly on the head with hammer, doused her with a flammable liquid and set her on fire. Henry then went back to the restroom and attacked Harris with the hammer, setting her ablaze as well.

Authorities responding to the fire found Harris dead, but Thermidor still alive, after she had tried to douse the flames in a second restroom. She lived about 12 hours, and her statement pointed to Henry. He was arrested the next day.

Henry was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder, armed robbery and arson, largely on the strength of Thermidor’s deathbed statement.
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  1. Don't trust black people. no matter what. this always happens. poor women,
    that is terrible.

  2. Good riddance. Being on 'death row' for 20 years is an unfunny joke. They should die the same way they murdered. I have no problem of throwing them to the dogs. Just put on a thick leather piece around their necks so they cannot die before being ripped apart and eaten. That aside; he is now in hell.