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March 16, 2014

Never mind that the murder victim, 18-year-old Dylan McKelvey, is the grandson of founder Andrew McKelvey.

This story will largely be ignored by the mainstream Marxist media.

The reason?

It fails to qualify for the cultural Marxist narrative in which black people are always the victims of white privilege, never the perpetrators of black-on-white violence.

Nor can we expect the media to refer to the victim with the precursor "unarmed," as in "the unarmed Trayvon Martin."

We don't expect Nancy Grace to shed crocodile tears in sympathetic anguish with Andrew's mom as she did with Trayvon's mom.

The young McKelvey's body was found in Martin County, Florida on March 5, 2014. Arrested is Trayvon D. Jackson, aka, "Lil Su Rabbit."

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  1. This has a link about a Tarzan movie filmed in New Orleans AND a Trayvon link.