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March 30, 2014

Mouthing off to a cop is not a capital offense.
Redus was under the influence of alcohol and so he shot off his mouth.

The cop was under the influence of a hot temperament and so he shot off his gun.

That appears to be the scenario the night that Cameron Redus, 23, lost his life.

Redus made poor choices the night he was killed, his family wrote.

The campus cop who shot Redus in the back made the ultimate bad choice.

It turns out that brains under the influence of hot tempers are more dangerous that brains under the influence of alcohol. Redus hurt no one. The cop killed a young man.

Redus had consumed alcohol, drove his vehicle while intoxicated, and managed to make it home without hurting anyone. He even managed to safely park his car.

The student posed a risk to no one when he was confronted by a campus cop, reports say.

With alcohol affecting his judgement, Redus got  mouthy with the policeman. The policeman, assumed to be sober, had no such excuse when he shot the student five times.

An autopsy reveals that one of the bullets lodged in the sac surrounding the youth's heart. That wound, alone, was lethal, the report said.

We would expect police to be trained in how to deal with persons whose behavior is affected by alcohol and/or narcotics; that offensive words should not be taken personally. Policemen with short fuses make bad cops and their temperaments are far more dangerous than drugs or alcohol.

No police department would tolerate a cop whose brain was under the influence of alcohol, nor should cops under the influence of hot temperments be tolerated.

The killing occurred in December, 2013 at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. The autopsy was reported March 20, 2014.

The killer, Chris Carter, remains on leave while the Texas Rangers and Alamo Heights police continue their investigation.

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