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March 19, 2014

 How apropos!

The annual 'free day at the zoo' brings out the crowds in Kansas City and every year fights break out among the animals outside the cages.

Warning. This is their natural habitat. You and your family risk injury.

In an effort to ebb this year's melee authorities moved the free day to a weekday. The theory being that black teens would be warehoused in a government school allowing stroller-pushing moms to introduce their tots to wild critters who don't carry guns.

Authorities were wrong.

Black teens tend to congregate in mobs. That's something the media won't tell you, but will -- and so will your eyes.

Where there are black-teen mobs there is code-red danger. Get away. Stay away.

Someone with a video device may have been anticipating common black-teen violence. And so it was that the 'tape' was rolling when guns shots were fired and Air Jordans carried the mob is diverse directions.

Cops came. Several teens were held for questioning. Ten were arrested. The gun-shooting culprit, no doubt, had fled back into the concrete jungle and the media did what the media does, pretends there is not genetic inference to be made.

Why the cops came, we have no idea. They should have been on the scene from the onset of the event to 'protect and serve'. Had they made a visible presence, the shooting likely would not have occurred and endangered the lives of zoo goers and the critters within.

Take down from a previous year.
Reminder: Not all blacks are criminals nor all criminals black. However, if you can find a video of a similar disturbance among white teens that occurs year after year, please use the comment section below to post the link. You may also use the comment section to alert to other regularly scheduled black  mob shootings in your area.

The next regularly scheduled black teen shooting of which we are aware is July 10 through 17 in Indianapolis during the Black Expo.

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  1. The most EXPENSIVE mistake in our great nations history, more than the costs of wars/disease/natural disasters/etc, was 'free labor' will only get worse, that is, unless we pull our collective heads out of the sand and engage these cretins!