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March 24, 2014

Cultural Marxism can be understood as accusing a privileged nobility for victimizing the proletariat. Or, in the context of America, blaming white people for the failure of non-whites.

In other contexts Multiculturalism can be understood on blaming [insert conservative group] for victimizing[enter group you care to exploit].

Here an example: Guess what groups Jimmy Carter blamed as the victimizers of women world wide.

If you guessed, "Hey! Muslims victimize women!" you would be correct, but only in your observation.

Jimmy Carter did not blame Muslims as [the nobility] that victimizes women [the proletariat]. Rather, Carter blamed Catholics and Baptists!

This is a classic example of cultural Marxism.

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  1. As a Catholic who is familiar with the doctrines and culture of the Church the truth is that in a truly Catholic society or a Protestant creed that is also truly Christian the position of women is and should be priveleged, that is the natural order of things. Such privelege results in a family friendly nation with laws and customs that reward marriage and children, protect and provide for women and children before men and otherwise do not allow harm to come to women and children. Such a society is diametrically opposed to Communism's teachings about marriage as oppression of women, the state having the duty and legal right to take children and raise them as it sees fit and the abolition of private property, the necessary bulwark against state oppression and a necessity for a normal family life. I am old enough to remember when the U.S. was a Christian, not perfect but Christian nation and the general atmosphere was sane. On moral issues and the laws that follow from morality which follows from a nation's view of religion Communism found an obstacle that had to be destroyed in the U.S. and destroyed it was in the 1960's mostly through the policies hypocritically called "civil rights" of one kind or another that were necessary to repair centuries of "oppression".