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March 23, 2014

Today in Australia.
Sadly, some white people must literally have
white guilt beat out of them.
We trust this was not the case in the above screen
shot taken from the video below.
It's amazing the extent to which the mainstream media will go to comply with the cultural Marxist narrative.

Such was the case in Australia today.

The news report said the attacker "has dark skin."

The media refuses to identify black thugs as black thugs because that would imply race and that, we are told, is merely a social construct that doesn't really exist. Skin tone, they believe, is no more significant than hair color.

Nonetheless, photographs reveal the attacker was a black thug.

The black thug dragged a 63-year-old white bus driver off his vehicle and was video recording beating his victim in the street.

Here's the story from our source:

UPDATED: POLICE are searching for a man who viciously assaulted a bus driver in Southport this morning ... and it was all over a fare.

The man, described as wearing no shirt, grey board shorts and carrying a black backpack was captured on camera dragging the 63-year-old driver out of the bus on to the ground and

Detective Acting Inspector Paul Austin says the attack occurred about 8.30am when the passenger boarded the bus and tried to pay with a pre-paid travel card, or GoCard, which didn’t have any money on it.

The culprit then tried to pay with a $50 note, but the 63-year-old driver did not have sufficient change.

“There was an attempt at payment, however we do believe there was an escalation of his language, of his demeanour, which then became violent,” Insp Austin told reporters.

The driver was taken to hospital with bruising and cuts to his face.

Insp Austin commended the driver for getting up once he was being assaulted and moving towards the door so other passengers on the bus were not in the firing line.

“However, that did mean that the assault continued ... and he received further assault on the footpath,” he said.

Video of the incident shows the driver being dragged on the ground outside the bus while being kicked by his attacker.

The culprit is thought to be in his late teens...
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The attack proves, once again, that black-on-white violence is both epidemic and pandemic.

Such violent acts justify Jim Crow laws that protect white people from black violence.

In the spirit of fair and balance reporting, if anyone can find a credible account of a white thug dragging a black bus driver (or innocent passenger, for that matter) off a bus because the rider's pass was expired (or for any other reason), please place a link in the comment section.

Update: Black thug turns himself in to police ►

Update: Black thug charged in attack ►


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