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March 30, 2014

Britain's National Black Police Assoc can't discriminate
against white members because there are no white
members to discriminate against. 
Across the pond we call it institutional racism.

It occurs when an institution, as a matter of policy, advances persons solely on the color of their skin rather than the content of the character, CV, or tenure.

We also call it Affirmative Action.

Cultural Marxism -- its proper name -- is always alert to opportunities tor festering racial tensions between the privileged white bourgeois and the nonwhite proletariat excuse. They excuse such schemes as 'social justice.'

The point is graphically illustrated. The BBC published a photo of all-white police officers standing at attention.

The move destroys a 180-year-old tradition of promoting policemen from constable to inspector by merit rather than skin tone.

The move was announced by Prime Minister David Cameron who also enthusiastically welcomed gay marriage to Britain. Cameron is the head of the nation's Conservative Party. We're not sure what he's trying to conserve. Obviously, British culture isn't on the list.

While citizens of Britain may consider themselves fortunate to have such a forward thinking government, members of the National Black Police Association are not so blessed. That British organization not only refuses to advance white police officers, it forbids their membership. White people are restricted to associate membership status if they choose to support the organization.

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