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March 22, 2014

A member of a small cadre of African-American Prometheus Society members and Emily Post aficionados inadvertently punched a man while under the horrific hypnotic spell of white privilege last month.

An individual familiar with the teens described the youths as dynamic and stellar students who excelled scholastically in math and literature. The group had just left church choir practice, the witness said, and were on their way to an NAACP class for aspiring young black entrepreneurs, physicians, and future NASA scientists.

Witnesses claim that group was approached by a white male brandishing a cane in a violent and threatening manner prompting one of the youths to defend himself and his colleagues by waving away the attacker. When the man surged forward, the youth's hand inadvertently made contact with his head, knocking him to the pavement.

Several members of the group promptly dialed 911 and one was seen wiping tears from his eyes.

While awaiting the arrival of emergency medical personnel, one of the unarmed African American teens gently placed his Air Jordans under the hateful bigot's head to lend him comfort. That teen then joined hands with his colleagues who formed a prayer circle around the attacker, petitioning God for man's speedy recovery.

Each of the teens expressed their forgiveness to the attacker.

The group is expected to be honored later this year at the BET awards show and, again, at Black Expo in Indianapolis.

Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton both issued statements after the encounter calling for a massive rally in Jacksonville to protest such attacks on young men of color.

Authorities praised the teens after it was discovered that the group frequently engaged in 'paying if forward' acts of random kindness, many of which were captured on video.

Then, again...

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A 16-year-old was arrested Friday, accused of attacking a disabled man pumping gas last month.

Kevin Johnson is charged with abuse of a disabled adult in the Feb. 4 attack at the Hess station on Merrill Road.

Michael Caraway was walking with a cane when he was struck in the face by a group a teens he believes was playing the "knockout game." Caraway told Channel 4 the pain was extreme for a long time after he was attacked in February.

"I'm doing better, just taking things one day at a time," said Caraway. "My wife and children are way more cautious than what we've been."

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office investigators obtained video from a nearby store that captured a group of males walking in front of a store during the same time period the attack occurred. Investigators were able to identify Johnson as a suspect and obtained a search warrant for his cellphone.

Police say multiple videos on the phone show juveniles walking up to unsuspecting individuals and punching them -- an activity called the "knockout game" by national media outlets [emphasis added].
Channel 4 brought the news of the arrest in his case Friday night to Caraway as he was outside his Arlington home.

"We would never expect it to happen to me and it did. So now we're saying it can happen, so I tell my daughters be on their best behavior, looking out for people," said Caraway. "They go in pairs now; my daughter does not like to go out by herself anymore since this happened."

While Caraway said he is relieved that there's been an arrest, he also thinks there are other teens who were present when he was punched in the face. Caraway said he hopes any accomplices are caught as well.

"They really try to knock you out, so when they try and knock you out, they're going to do it. These are big boys," said Caraway.

Johnson was charged as a juvenile with a third-degree felony and was ordered held without bond.
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While the media are accustomed to glossing over such blatant racism, we can 'read between the lines,' so to speak, and gather information the media choose to ignore.

• Note, for example, the victim in this attack appears to be a typical white American living in the multicultural delusion that black youths were just like white kids, only dark.

The facts state otherwise.

52.2% of all homicides in America are committed by blacks, nearly all by black males age 18 to 49 who comprise about 3 percent of the nation's population. Furthermore, black students are far more likely to be suspended from school than other ethnic groups. About half of all preschoolers suspended for disciplinary problems are black, even though they comprise 18 percent of enrollments. The numbers change little in elementary and secondary schools.

The genetic connection is denied, of course, by cultural Marxism, but historical record  is that blacks have lived among us for generations and few have been able to adapt.

• Note that it took a literal knock in the head to adjust the victim's perspective.

I suppose is it safe to assume that the victim and his family are now race realists.

• After authorities accessed files on the alleged culprit's phone, they discovered other recorded knock-out game attacks. This dispels the abject lie that the knock-out game is largely an urban (or whitopian) legend. Consider that the gang of thugs most likely attacked others but didn't record the attacks on this particular cell phone.

• The media -- Hollywood in particular -- is fond of distorting American white history by misrepresenting white people as having a past of white-on-black violence. In reality such Mandela-like terrorism committed by whites against blacks was virtually nonexistent. When hooded white folks by-passed the rule of law to invade the homes of Negroes, it was typically to deal with (alleged) thugs like Johnson and to send a message to the black community that rascality would not be tolerated. In other words, much of what we are told was violent white racism was, in fact, white people defending themselves against black violence.

• Jim Crow laws were instituted to protect white people like Michael Caraway from people like Kevin Johnson. Jim Crow laws were never meant to rob black people of dignity. Rather, those laws existed to rob people like Johnson of the opportunity to randomly punch white people in the head.

The summation is that white Americans continue to live under a siege of black racial violence and, all the while, living under the delusion that blacks are the victims of our racism or, as it is now popularly called, white privilege.

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