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March 27, 2014

A woman was walking alone in White Center, Washington when she was approached by a black male asking for a cigarette. When she complied the black  male grabbed, dragged her to a vacant lot where she was viciously beaten then raped.

Blacks often instinctively 'bump' into their suspects like a shark bumps into its prey before attacking, experts say, to determine the resolve of the intended victim. Asking for a cigarette is a common 'bumping' method.

The negro then made off with the woman's purse. According to our source:

The man fled with the victim’s purse, which is very distinctive, after the attack.  It was never found and may have been discarded nearby or given to someone the attacker knows.  Half of the purse is shaped like a high-heeled shoe, making it easy to identify.

The victim is presumed to be white or Asian based on the demographics of the town.

The attack occurred near midnight on March 7, 2014. The media report with attacker's description appeared 19 days later on March 26.

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