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March 18, 2014

Black history cleansed of white history is no history.

The writer at The Voice makes an interesting point regarding black history.

In effect he says that white people electing a black president is not black history. It's white history. Why? Because white people did the electing.

The same principle is applied to Steve McQueen who became the first black director to win an Oscar for his role directing the ‘Best Picture’ Academy Award. Because white people dominate the Academy the author concludes McQueen's award is not truly black history.

"Black history has to be cleansed of what is essentially white history," the writer concludes.

However, when one deletes white influence on black history, we are left with millenia of existence wedged between the Paleolithic and Mesolithic eras as hunters-gathers subsisting in grass huts in African savannas with no written records that could accurately be considered 'history.'

To delete white influence on black history is to erase all of black history, a reality the writer misses. That is, Black history cleansed of white history is no history.

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  1. You are correct, but since most of Sub-Saharan was devoid of a written language prior to being colonized, his idea of what constitutes "history" may be different than our Western defintition. Europeans don't place nearly as much clout in sagas and tales as we do the written word because we realize the distortions involved with the passing oral traditions. Anybody who has played the game of telephone is aware of this.