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March 25, 2014

Generations after being removed from their native environment, descendants of African tribal warriors continue to follow an apparent genetic script that compels them to stalk and hunt the weak an vulnerable.

At issue is a 17-year-old white girl who is was attacked on St. Patrick's Day as she made her way home on Cleveland's public transit system, known as RTA. The unnamed girl is one of many who have suffered loss and physical harm on the system.

With her identity obscured, the young woman disclosed her moment of terror and awakening to a local TV reporter. While riding the RTA she was attacked, she said. One of the African descendants snatched her cell phone and, when she resisted, grabbed her throat the forced to the floor where the physical attack continued.

News media outlets discretely refuse to disclose the racial aspect of the attacks, but video footage from security cameras make it abundantly evident.

Africans and their descendants have been embedded in our culture for multiple generations, yet many fail to assimilate or be psychologically impressed with civility.

The media give scant exposure to the phenomenon of black thugs pandemicly attacking innocents. The media have also rendered the discussion morally taboo. Consequently, many whites in America and elsewhere find themselves caught off guard when they first encounter the phenomenon.

We are unaware of European, East Asian, or Hispanic savages preying on innocents in Cleveland's transit system. However, in our quest to be fair and balance, we would include documented stories of such attacks on our web site. Please use the comment section below to alert us to any such attacks.

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More savage African attacks on Clevelands RTA ►

Though generations removed from their African environment,
black thugs organize themselves in hunting parties
then stalk prey in Cleveland's public transportation system.


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