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March 17, 2014

The doctrine of disparate impact may have claimed another victim last week.

72-year-old Martha Tyler was found by her daughter March 8, 2014. The septuagenarian was strangled and suffocated. Her hands were tied behind her back and plastic bag had been placed over her head.

Arrested for the murder is William Patrick Jackson, 37, who had used the victim's credit card.

According to our news source:
Jackson was previously sentenced to serve time on drug charges and a grand larceny charge. He was released from a facility in McDowell County, W.Va., but was later incarcerated at the Eastern Regional Jail for a probation violation. He was released in February 2014. Prosecutors in Morgan County say his probation violation was related to drug use. 
Disparate impact is a doctrine that compels authorities to consider the negative impact punishment will have on black perpetrators. The theory is that prison sentences, for example, will make it more difficult for blacks to find employment after their release.

Consequently some black criminals avoid incarceration and are, therefore, able to commit more crime such as murder elderly women.

Jackson is black and his alleged victim was white. The crime was committed in Berkeley County, Virginia.

Primary source

Martinsburg Man Arrested in Berkeley County Murder ►


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