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March 29, 2014

All eyes were on Louisville when a week ago a mob of 100 or more black youths descended on vulnerable white people in an orgy of violence and thuggery.

Four arrests have been made.

"Friday evening Shaquazz Allen, 18, and Tyrone Booker, 19, were taken into custody in connection to the assault," reported.

Alternative media -- like -- lit up the Internet with the horror of reality that the mainstream Marxist media won't touch. Scores of black teens rushed unsuspecting white people enjoying an early warm Spring day in Louisville. Some, like the woman attacked at 1st and Jefferson Streets, were beaten unconscious.

While the mainstream Marxist media bit its tongue to protect its profits, the rest of us were sounding the alarm. Black violence running amok must be addressed. No wonder they hate us.

Pretend it isn't there and it will go away.
The woman was stopped at a red light, obeying a fundamental law innate to civilized people, when the lawless mob attacked. The victim was in her vehicle with her  fiancĂ© and five children. She she was punched in the face and rendered unconscious.

No chivalry here and no feminists to protest. We wonder how the kids in the car -- all under age 12 -- will take to government-school brainwashing when they will be taught the cultural Marxist doctrine of white privilege.

While somewhere on the East Coast Sandra Fluke wondered who would pay for her contraception, the real war on women was being waged when the same two black thugs pointed a silver revolver at the head of another woman and demanded her purse, police said.

Also arrested were Je'rece Archie, 18, and a 17-year-old juvenile, all black and all leaving Bill O'Reilly explaining how this explicit racist violence was not racial at all. His insane sentiments were echoed by Sadiqa Reynolds, a Louisville bureaucrat who absorbs tax dollars under the guise of Chief Community Builder. Apparently there is a slew of them, otherwise she could not be a 'Chief.' Blacks were also injured in the melee. Therefore, the attacks on white people weren't racist.

We take the cue from Bill'O and Sadiqa. Because there were white people lynched in days of yore, lynching black people can never be considered racist.

Next up: Thunder Over Louisville on April 12. The annual Kentucky Derby celebration draws thousands of innocent white people and hundreds of African savages hiding in the night shadows ready to attack the easy prey. In preparation for the events, authorities plan to spend tax dollars to install 24 security cameras at the city's Waterfront Park.

Welcome to Louisville. Home of black violence and shallow, feel-good promises to make it go away.

Take note that the 14th most violent neighborhood in the nation is in Louisville. That's 14th out of 17,000 police department reports.

What makes this area so violent? Is it a lack of community centers? One person had the audacity to explain that -- with only one movie theater in the area -- black teens had nothing else to do.

Meanwhile, politicians gaze into news cameras and lie.

"This was an extraordinarily unusual incident," said Mayor Greg Fischer. "Nothing like this has happened in decades, so hopefully that will stay that way."

Adam Bader dares to differ. He owns Bader's Market,  the site where the woman was seen dragged from her car and beaten in front of her five terror-stricken children.

Bader says black mobs terrorize the area almost every weekend during warm weather. He says he sees them coming then locks down the store. It's a weekly routine that cost him hundreds of dollars in lost business.

How does the mayor not know this? How do the police not know this? How does the media not report this?

"It's not isolated. It's been going on for years," Bader added.


What makes it extraordinary, Mr. Mayor, is that it captured national media attention.

Let's back up the tape.

In the summer of 2013 the mayor went on record lamenting the increase in Louisville violence. He worried along with others that it would drive away tourism and affect the lucrative convention business.

Did he forget?

2012 -- City leaders announce plans to stop the violence in West Louisville. Such were the headlines two years ago. Is Louisville's West End turning into a shooting gallery? asked another headline.

One resident even made a documentary with a focus on three homicides in one afternoon.

There were photo ops, news conferences, and councilpersons of various colors making pronouncements that they're not going to take it anymore. Something went wrong. They failed.

Last summer the mayor promised to get tough. 
In 2011 an altruistic black funeral home director called for gun-free zones in Louisville. His intentions were pure, no doubt, but such zones simply disarm the good guys making them fertile hunting grounds for savages living in Louisville but genetically scripted for sub-Saharan Africa.

Rapper Master P showed up in town later that year to console victims of violent crime.

2009 -- West end residents want Russell neighborhood violence to stop, read the headline. It hasn't. One resident said that going to funerals was a weekly event for her. Candlelight vigils soothe souls but don't stopped the violence.

It was that year that the Louisville police set up a West End task force. Such makes great news copy, but police new conferences are no more effective than funerals or candlelight vigils. Maybe they should combine the three to save time.

Where was the task force this past weekend? Did it disband? How did the mayor not know there was violence problem in the midst of so many vigils, funerals, and a police task force?

Last summer the police promised to get tough. 
2007 -- A news report cited the growing problem of black gangs in Louisville. Relying on 2003 data, the report disclosed the facts: There were "69 different gang sets with about 2,000 estimated members, 846 of which had confirmed names and addresses."

We could write a book on violence in Louisville, most of it concentrated in black neighborhoods.

Everyone knows black violence is there; few will acknowledge black violence is there.

A 400-pound gorilla walks into the room. Almost every day for the next 100 years the gorilla trashes the place. We see it. We feed it. We know it's there. But we refuse to acknowledge that the gorilla is causing the damage. We lament the damage. We hold candle-light vigils for the damage. But we refuse to acknowledge the cause for the damage. And anyone who dares tell the truth must suffer unpleasant consequences.

It's called neurosis.

1997 -- Quintin Hammond died on his way to school. He was murdered for his tennis shoes. Quinton had just turned 15.


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  1. How long can a pinnacle/advanced nation like the great United States last with creatures such as 'Shaquazz Allen' in their midst? I submit that the misguided notion of 'free labor' was surely the most expensive mistake in American history!

  2. The Japanese realized they woke a slumbering giant and gave him a great resolve to self justify when they attacked PH. Black terrorists and subversive black leaders are totally ignorant of their actions and the results soon to erupt on the horizon. Nap time is over and the silent giant is awake and full of resolve.

  3. The criminal incident you discuss in this article is undeniably appalling.That said you clearly took creative licence when you wrote the perpetrators were a part of a mob of "100 or more," I read the official account by NBC, surely the official news site wouldn't have neglected to mention that detail;so I'll take it you took it upon yourself to add drama to an already heinous crime in the interest of fear mongering. The other article you referenced makes no mention of "black gangs" but rather "gangs" in general. There is no credence to your point that the prevalence of gangs are most closely tied to whether or not the neighborhoods are predominantly black either. After all, the article you referenced states "mapped out by WLKY with information from the database, gangs affect all parts of the Louisville area, including southern Indiana" and that "according to the records, the biggest gangs are concentrated around housing projects." Those statements would indicate that gangs are more a product of poverty and the conditions related to it like unemployment, and in access to competent educational systems, rather than a proclivity towards violence for an entire group of people. I say this in no way trying to defend the criminals nor gang members but we must all understand that criminality isn't a plague that can strike indiscriminately, but certain groups have a strong predisposition to but a result of specific conditions. Finally,I'd say the articles on your site are poorly analyzed and your attempts at well thought out sociology fail to disguise your blatantly racist views.
    -from an 18, year old college student from rural Pennsylvania