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February 23, 2014

Two years have passed since Trayvon Martin lost his life while pounding the head of George Zimmerman into concrete.

While the loss of any human life is tragic, and that of an otherwise healthy teen even more so, we pause to ponder the contribution Trayvon's sacrificial death made to American culture.

• Trayvon's death saved lives

The Christian Science Monitor bore the good news:
The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported Tuesday that homicides dropped nearly 7 percent in the first half of 2013, compared with the same period a year earlier. Violent crime fell 5 percent. The greatest drop in homicides, 14.5 percent, took place in the Northeast, but other regions also reported a falloff in homicide rates: the West (6.9 percent), South (5.4 percent) and Midwest (4.3 percent).
Criminologists struggle to explain the post-Trayvon crime decline. They suppose that some technological advances may have contributed to the decrease in homicides. Then, again, maybe the age-old taboo against snitching was falling out of favor. Global warming was never considered.

A more likely attribution is the acute awareness among those most likely to commit violent crimes -- black males age 18-49 -- that engaging white people in violence may be a life-terminating venture. Granted, the media hoaxed us into believing the knockout game is a new phenomenon (it isn't), but even with the added media exposure, it turns out that raw data empirically demonstrates that violent crime, overall, has declined.

And so we give thanks to Trayvon and the media for broadcasting the images of the angel-faced teen across the airwaves, Internet, and printed media for months on end as a reminder to young black thugs that rascality has a price.

The outcome has saved lives. Thanks, Trayvon.

• Trayvon's death contributed to increased gun sales

Trayvonistas were loudly heard repeating the cliché "We are all Trayvon Martin" as they donned hoodies and imagined themselves being shot dead by a George Zimmerman.

Meanwhile, the rest of us -- those who think rationally -- were quietly thinking, "We are all George Zimmerman" as we registered for conceal-carry permits in record numbers, imagining ourselves assaulted by a Trayvon Martin.

Our cliché was, "I'd rather face twelve jurors that six feet of dirt."

The outcome was a record increase in gun sales. Thanks, Trayvon.

• Trayvon's death aroused slumbering white people

Decades of white guilt movies and television productions portraying Randy Weaver sympathizers as right-wing kooks evaporated. The media misjudged the nation's reaction to its endless reporting of a heinous murder of a cute little black kid by a white monster.

The anticipated white guilt never materialized and the black victimization was less than convincing. Rather than viewing young black thugs (called, yobs in Britain) as victims of Ma and Pa Kettle, white folks took note that Zimmerman was not white, the media were both exaggerating and exploiting the event, and the myth that a black thug could be hidden in every night shadow -- even in suburbia -- was no myth.

An untold number of White Americans emerged from slumber to sober.

Among those awakened was me. Thanks, Trayvon.

• Trayvon's death punctured holes in the leftist mush theorum

All white leftists bear the burden of being altruistic love bugs who abhor hate, despise bigotry, and embrace tolerance at any cost.

Call it critical leftist theory, I suppose, but leftists are none of the above. They are the most hateful, bigoted, and outright intolerant specimens of humanity ever to tread the green grass of suburbia where they hypocritically insulate and isolate themselves from the violent black crime they pretend doesn't exist.

All the while they eviscerate the rest of us as Tea Party loons who rise each morning with an agenda of beating our slaves, burning crosses, and laundering our white sheets and hoods.

Their response during the media's Trayvon circus provided empirical proof.

White Americans have awaken from their slumber. Thanks Trayvon.

• Trayvon's death proved the media is not invincible 

White people were supposed to be awash in new tsunami of guilt as cable news channels wove anew a well-worn story of nasty white thuggery and their black victims.

It backfired.

The very mention of the word Trayvon evokes awareness that thuggery is an exclusive franchise of blacks, most in hoodies, and nearly all are males between the ages of 18 and 49.

Note the media has hushed and the tears born for his mom have dried and disappeared from our television screens.

The media circus failed. Thanks Trayvon.


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  1. > otherwise healthy teen

    He was probably brain damaged from using DXM (found in Robitussin; often mixed with soft drinks and skittles to make it palatable in quantity) for a year.


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