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February 14, 2014

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I don't know what you were doing January 24 of this year, but the activity of Emile Grosschutze is well known.

Mr. Grosschutze was at a railway station in Pretoria being beaten and stabbed. His cowardly assault was conducted by a mob of about 30 black males enabled by enduring myths propagated by Marxism and other discredited schools of "philosophy" that white-skinned people are devils and the root of all evils that afflict humanity and disabled by the inability to think rationally.

The truth is that the 4,586,838 white people who still live in South Africa provide the intellectual and, consequently, technological infrastructure that keeps the 51-million population (most of whom are black Africans) from regressing into a mesolithic or even paleolithic stone age; the Africa that existed for tens of thousands of years before David Livingstone trudged through its savannas in the 1870s to aid a people mass of millions of hunters-gathers who had built neither a bridge, a boat, or concocted the concept of a wheel.

Of course there were also black angels who visited Europe seeding that backward culture with bits of highly sophisticated technologies. I just can't think of one off hand. Then, again, maybe Western culture was endowed with advanced innovative skills from, say, space aliens. Either way, we can't afford to credit white people with simply being smart, otherwise we'd be labeled racists.

At last report Mr. Grosschutze remains in an intensive care unit (ICU) at a Pretoria hospital, a facility, I should note, that would not exist were it not for the white devils who built both it and the intricate and massive medical technologies it offers to all, including the mob of blacks who attacked Mr. Grosschutze.

Matthew Robinson was surrounded
by a mob of about six blacks
as her rode the bus in Cleveland.
Oops. Wrong photo. 
His family fears for his life, not only due to his wounded body that was stabbed eight times including a stab to his spine and another to his kidney, but from a visit to the hospital by one of the mob or any one of perhaps 40-million sympathizers.

Speaking of Mr. Grosshutze, why are their no chain grocery stores in Detroit? You don't get the connection? Let me help you.

A few days ago another white man was attacked by a black mob. Matthew Robinson, a disable veteran, was riding a bus in Cleveland, Ohio when he was surrounded by a group about six black teens. The group followed Mr. Robinson off the bus and, when he walked through the Public Square, the mob attacked, beating Mr. Robinson and, all the while, video recording their crime.

Matthew Robinson
They continued their attack until the police showed up, then they scattered; high-tailing it hither and yon. The cops managed to nab three of the suspects; two were males one a female. The female had in her possession the cell phone that recorded the mob attack.

Why? you may ask did the blacks thugs video record their attack? Did they not know this "trophy" would also serve as evidence in a court of law where they will be dully processed and slapped on the wrist? (Did I write dully or duly?) Why did they continue beating this man until the police arrived? Did it not occur to them that they would collared and captured? Why did 30 black Africans attack a white man? Are they not aware that whites are fleeing South Africa's black-on-white violence; whites whose farms feed their black countrymen? Whites whose infrastructure provides advanced health care, electric lights, and President Jacob Zuma's $18 million mansion? Did they not know that shoplifting the shelves of of grocery stores inflicts a concept called 'shrinkage' that erodes the profit margins of grocery stores into the red and forces them to leave Detroit?

We'll be back with closing thoughts after this commercial break.

There are, of course, those who believe acknowledging reality is racist.

But believing the earth is round of flat has no bearing on its roundness of flatness. If you care believe in space aliens, bigfoots (or bigfeet), a heliocentric universe, or Nubian empires and the emergence of white devils, that's your prerogative.

I, for one, prefer to dislodge my head from the sands of political correctness and bask in the light of reality rather than hide in the darkness of delusion.

And the statistics are...

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