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February 21, 2014

[ Watch video below ]

Below are my paraphrased notes from Pastor Manning's video. If you read the notes without listening to the video  (below) you miss the voice inflections -- ok, screaming -- when he says, "Pinched-nosed nigroes! (sic)".

People live in ghettos because of their unacceptable behavior.

Michael Dunn encountered a cultural clash of community lifestyles. The end result of that collision was the death of Jordan Davis. Generally the Jordan Davises of this world win and the Michael Dunns lose.

This was an inversion of the 'script' because Michael Dunn was prepared.

We must come to terms with the fact that there is perceived reality that black boys are violent and dangerous. They are predators. We have to accept that.

Black boys are dangerous!

Every person in the black community knows that a mob of black teens won't help you carry your groceries up the stairs. 9 of 9 times you will be accosted and maybe killed.

White bleeding heart liberals and black leaders need to stop defending these black thugs.

Black lawyers and 'leaders' defend them. They nailed Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and some more need to be killed. Blacks kill each others like killing flies. It's time we stopped  these pitched-nosed 'nigroes' from characterizing these thugs as angel-faced choir boys.

The more y'all lie on television on CNN the more they lie the more will die. We need the truth told!

We got to change our cultural persona. Michael Dunn was right. I'm sick of that thug music.


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  1. The good Mr Dunn shouldn't spend one minute in jail, period!


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