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February 19, 2014

The EPA is making criminals of decent people
who simply want to warm themselves in the winter.
Wood-burning stoves not only destroy the environment, but they are also racist.


Yes and  yes.

The first is an exaggeration that compelled the EPA to ban most wood burning stoves.

Liberty-minded Americans who wish to escape the insanity of encroaching government long to live on land that is grid free.

Government agents, on the other hand, aggressively seek ways to abuse their authority to tether us to their control base and, in so doing, make criminals of decent people who simply want to warm themselves.

The second is an exaggeration by me to demonstrate logic likely to justify the EPA'S idiocy.

White folks who live off the grid are racists. How so? Their homes in the hills are actually sanctuaries from 'people of color.' They are white segregationists who live outside the ever-present spotlight of political correctness and cultural Marxism. I'm be facetious, of course, but not by much. Keep in mind such silly logic was used to consign peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches to the long list of white-racist behavior.

Here's the report from our source,

The Environmental Protection Agency recently imposed restrictions on wood-burning stoves that will deal a blow to rural Americans who rely on wood to heat their homes.

Critics charge that the rule changes were enacted following pressure from environmental groups.

The EPA tightened restrictions in January on the level of fine airborne particulate emissions that wood-burning stoves can emit, from 15 micrograms per cubic meter to a maximum of 12 micrograms.

The EPA restrictions would ban the production and sale of the kinds of wood-burning stoves that compose 80 percent of those currently in use in the United States, Forbes reported.

"Although this is an ancient technology, it can provide a solution for high heating costs in many parts of the country," Laura Huggins, a research fellow for both the Hoover Institution and the Property and Environment Research Center, told Newsmax.

"With up to one-third of this country's energy consumption used for heating, policymakers would be wise to consider the benefits of wood as a heat source," Huggins said.

In the face of tightening economies and rising heating costs, more Americans have been turning to cheaper, archaic sources for heat, especially those in poorer areas.

The number of households heating with wood grew 34 percent from 2000 to 2010, with 2.4 million homes, or 2.1 percent of U.S. housing units, using wood as their primary heating source, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Nearly 10 million additional homes use wood to supplement their primary heat source, the U.S. Energy Information Administration disclosed.

Huggins said environmentalists should cheer the use of this energy source.

"Fuel for wood heating is a renewable resource, and under the right circumstances can be local and sustainable," Huggins said.

But pressure from environmental groups has been responsible for many of the EPA rule changes.

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  1. There is an alternative to conventional wood burning stoves.That is the Rocket Stove it uses a lot less wood and is a lot more efficient,these have been in the off the grid news for at least a couple of years,they are cheap and easy to build,and instead of a lot of smoke you get steam and CO2.I wonder which big corporation has decided to build a 'better' version of these stove so they can get the EPA to ban the old style wood stove and regulate the Rocket Stove so that you will no longer be allowed to build your own but will have to buy an expensive version that will have to be installed by a 'professional'.The ironic thing about that is these are used all over the world where people are often very poor and wood is scarce.Only in America.


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