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February 20, 2014

Three black teens were turned away at the door by a mom with a locked and loaded 'assault rifle'.

The Detroit mother of three didn't hesitate to pull the trigger sending the would-be burglars to flight. The break-in was captured on a security camera that recorded one teen violently kicking in the back door of the family's home.

A video report from WXYZ referred to the three intruders as 'thugs', defying a claim by liberal talk-show host Bill Maher that the 't' word was a replacement for the 'n' word. Apparently the writers at WXYZ didn't get the message. Maher explained that racism had gone 'underground.'

The report said the family had installed the security camera a week earlier after a similar break-in attempt.

Both the family and intruders are black, making us wonder if Maher would approve the use of the 't' word in such occasions.

Anti-gun advocates would have deprived the mom of defending her children.

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