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February 18, 2014

Messing with our minds: In an effort to demonize
white victims of black crimes, some Twitter users
are uploading images of cute little black children.
I'm worried.

When apologists for black violent crime took to Twitter to post photos of cute little black children, I couldn't help but wonder how many those angel-faced darlings would grow up to commit violent crimes.

The Twitter campaign was a response to the acquittal of Michael Dunn who was charged with first degree murder after defending himself against aggressive black teens at a Florida gas station.

The objective was apparent: We are to associate black thugs with cute little black kids. In so doing, our emotional centers will react to whites defending themselves against black aggression as harming one or more of these little black darlings.

Here's why I'm worried.

The problem with such an irresponsible and dishonest mental association ploy is that it may have the unintended opposite effect. That is, white people may associate cute little black children as violent criminals rather than the reverse. Hence the shocking headline.

The truth is that the four black thugs who tortured and murdered three unarmed white men in Detroit last week were, at one time, cute little black children. Of course their victims were also cute little children at one time, but that doesn't 'count' because the victims were white.

Our news source tells the story:

Four people have been charged in connection with the deaths of three males found in a Detroit house fire last week.
Michael Hoots was one of three
white men murdered by cute little black kids
in Detroit last week.
Tenisha Jackson, 19; Larry Johnson, 20; Rashawn Johnson, 19; and Keeshon Lake, 19, have all been charged with three counts of first-degree murder; three counts felony murder; two counts armed robbery; and one count of arson. Larry Johnson was also charged for Felony Firearm and Possession of Heroin.

Firefighters responded to a house fire on Bentler Street Feb. 10. They discovered three bodies inside the home. Two of the victims were already deceased and the third person was rushed to the hospital.

A medical examiner has determined Lawrence Bowman, 51, died of a gunshot wound to the head. He also suffered multiple stab wounds, which were thought initially to have been the cause of death.

Michael Hoots, 24, died from multiple stab wounds.

Nicholas Bowman, 26, later died at the hospital as a result of multiple stab wounds
Cute little black girls pummel an unarmed
white toddler while other black darlings
laugh and video record the assault.
Watch the horrifying video here ►
 He is the son of Lawrence Bowman. The father and son lived at the home. Hoots was visiting from Livonia.

Police say evidence led them to a the stolen Chrysler 200 that belonged to Hoots. The vehicle was in Redford Township. Jackson and Larry Johnson were arrested at a home there. Police say they recovered items belonging to the victims and bloody clothing.

Police were then lead to two other locations and arrested Rayshawn Johnson and Lake, and recovered more bloody clothing.

Police have not determined at this time why the Bowman's home on Bentler street was targeted for robbery, and friends say they are unsure why Hoots was at that location.

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