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February 21, 2014

The motto of the Austin Police Department seems to be, "Hard on soft crime, soft on hard crime."

According to neighborhoodscout.com there are an average of 3,425 violent crimes in the city each year. Austin is rated in the top five percent of American cities when ranked by crime rate. That is, 95% of cities in the nation have fewer violent crimes and fewer than five percent have more violent crimes.

To deal with the murder and mayhem, Austin police are taking drastic action: They are staking out intersections lying in wait for every resident who dares jaywalk.

Granted, such police work has merit, particularly in areas where residents are being run down and killed by motorists.

But the need is much greater in urban areas where police should be profiling violent black thugs rather than skinny white-girl joggers with their ears plugged with earbuds.

At issue is a college student who police believe violated the law when she crossed an Austin street. The jogger was wearing earbuds and listening to music or, perhaps, a college lecture. She was unable to hear the policeman order her to stop, and so he took chase. The cop grabbed her and, like any rational woman in a city with high crime rate, her natural reflex caused her to pull away. Pulling away from a police officer's grasp constitutes resisting and that led to skinny white-girl jogger being taken down and handcuffed.

Meanwhile there is some professional black crying aloud for social justice.

Consider the brutal beating of three white men by a black thugs within earshot of an Austin police station. Officer could have been on scene within seconds. They didn't respond nor were they patrolling the Austin's most dangerous streets when innocent and decent people are at the greatest risk.

Below is a video of that brutal mob attack in which three white men were beaten and kicked because they refused to give black thugs their money.

American recoil in horror when they watch such videos as the one above, in spite of the reality that such black-on-white attacks have been the norm in American culture for generations.

There was a time when white Americans could excuse their inaction on ignorance and deception. After all, they have been self-inoculated by white-guilt movies and news media bias that ignores the epidemic of black-on-white violence while exaggerating the reverse.

However, the advent of the Internet coupled with the proliferation of a wide range of video recording devices in the possession of most every American has erased the excuses. Those who continue to live in self-deception regarding black-on-white violence are willfully ignorant and, consequently, enablers of the senseless racial violence that is pandemic across the nation's landscape, particular in urban settings.

The Austin police are particularly without excuse.

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  1. This is all part of Holders plan to make things 'even'.Lets give White girls a record to follow them by charging them with resisting arrest which by the way seems to be the favorite charge for doing nothing wrong.

  2. Amurrica is dead, good riddance!


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