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February 21, 2014

Watch the video then ask, 'How many black-on-white hate crimes are not video recorded and go unreported?'

One gets the impression that the black male who didn't miss a step as punched a white man has done this frequently.

Such black-on-white hate crimes have been epidemic for generations. The advent of the Internet and proliferation of video recording devices make them appear be to increasing.

Reality: The reason Jim Crow laws existed in the South was to protect white people from such nonsensical and arbitrary violent crimes. The cultural Marxist myth that white people randomly abused blacks in the South is a revisionist reversal of reality.

Black-on-white crime is not peculiar to the South. This attack took place in the white-liberal Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Were this a white-on-black crime (it almost never is) it would displace the Trayvon Martin and Michael Dunn stories as headline news evidence that white racism is epidemic when, in reality, white people are routinely targeted by black racists.


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