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February 16, 2014

Police have responded to about 800 calls at the
mall in the past 12 months.
categorizes the shopping center as a
zombie mall - not quite dead; but not alive.
A black brawl terrorized shoppers and workers at a mall in Norfolk, Virginia Friday.

Police say they've responded to 800 calls at Gallery at Military Circle mall in the past 12 months. The last free-for-all was apparently the largest since December when hundreds of blacks went on a mall-wide rampage of fighting and destroying property.

The Valentines Day mayhem erupted, one news source says, after two black males got in a tiff at Victoria's Secret over a pair of underpants. The mayhem spread quickly.

Police responded when one shopper was shot in the leg.

“They were just walking in the mall, and the guys came up to him and wanted to fight DaQuan and his friend,” Towanna Stovall said. “They said, ‘No we got our kids with us.’ They basically said, ‘We don’t care whether you got your kids with you or not, we are going to do this.’ They hit my goddaughter and punched her in the eye. They also jumped on DaQuan and his friend.”

Stovall is the victim's aunt. The quote comes from WAVY-TV. categorizes Gallery at Military Circle as a zombie mall. "It's not quite dead," the site explains. "It's not really alive in a traditional sense either."

"In the end, it's still alive if only barely."

Police say most of the 800 calls at the mall in the past 12 months were "mostly for larceny, alarm, disturbance-disorderly and assaults."

From our source we read:

Witnesses told WAVY News’ Jason Marks the shooting stemmed from a brawl between two groups of people inside the Victoria’s Secret store. Witnesses reported seeing one person pull out a gun, shoot the victim in the upper leg, and leave. They say even as people were running to the victim’s aid, punches were still being tossed.
“It was a melee, different people fighting,” said witness Alex Ramirez. “I jumped in there, I took his pants off because we couldn’t see where the blood was coming from, and found where the bullet hole was at.”Video of the scene showed blood on the floor and several people assisting the victim.
To view a picture of the scene, click here – warning, the picture may be graphic to some.“There was a Navy guy who ended up applying pressure to where the gunshot was at, and I helped him and took my belt off and put a tourniquet on his leg,” Ramirez said.

Police arrived shortly, taped off one wing of the mall and several suspects were taken away in handcuffs — all of this while the rest of the mall remained open, full of shoppers who are thankful to be unharmed.Team Coverage of Military Circle Mall shooting2Video: One of the handcuffed men“Unfortunately, there were a lot of young ladies with a lot of young children, which was probably the worst part about it,” Ramirez said.

Rivera was one of those mothers.

“Traumatizing,” she said. “As you can see, I had my three kids here. They ran to the floor and they were crying. It was traumatizing for my family, as well.”

10 On Your Side talked to relatives of one of the suspects taken into police custody after the shooting.

Towanna Stovall and Deidre Long say their nephew came to the mall with his three-month-old daughter and girlfriend. He was accompanied by his friend, who brought his one-month-old son and his girlfriend. Stovall says her nephew and his friends were approached by a group of guys who wanted to fight.

“They were just walking in the mall and the guys came up to him and wanted to fight DaQuaun and his friend,” Stovall said. “They said, ‘No we got our kids with us.’ They basically said, ‘We don’t care whether you got your kids with you or not, we are going to do this.’ They hit my god daughter and punched her in the eye. They also jumped on DaQuan and his friend.”

When Stovall got the news she rushed to the mall.

“I went up there, and police had the whole area taped off,” said Stovall. “They had my nephew on the floor in custody in handcuffs and I asked if I could speak to him, but they wouldn’t let me.”norfolk police shooting mallPolice have not said who threw the first punch or why, but Stovall says her nephew knew the group of guys that approached him and they had prior run ins. Stovall believes the guys wanted to fight her nephew because he stopped spending time with them. Now Stovall and Long both worry that this run in may not be their last.

“It’s not going to stop here because this is not the first incident that is my concern,” said Long.

Stovall says the infants near the shooting are safe. Her nephew was questioned and released from police custody without being charged.
“Anything could happen — the bullets could ricochet,” said Jamal Strayhorn, another witness. “I don’t understand what’s wrong. There are no morals these days.”“This is just crazy, it’s really crazy,” Rivera said. “People can’t even go in the mall and shop.”

Norfolk Police spokeswoman Karen Parker-Chesson says there have been more than 800 calls for service at the mall in the past 12 months, mostly for larceny, alarm, disturbance-disorderly and assaults.
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  1. I used to live in Norfolk. This mall is hetto! Mostly "urban" clothing, weaves, gaudy jewelry, and a pitiful food court!

  2. Reas more about of them in White Girl Bleed a Lot.

  3. Kenn anyone from this area knows not to go to that mall unless you want to get robbed or shot it has been dead for over a decade but somehow it still has a Macy's didn't know they had a Victoria's secret every black person I know won't step foot in that mall .


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