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February 21, 2014

Unarmed John Serpe died moments after being shot in the chest.

The 44-year-old white victim sat in his vehicle in front of his West Garfield Park, IL home when he was approached by Anthony Tucker, reports say. Tucker tapped on Serpe's window with his firearm, prompting Serpe to drive away. Serpe, however, didn't get far before Tucker pumped a bullet into his chest.

The alleged gunman then reached through the broken glass, opened the vehicle door, then rifled through his dying victim's pockets. He also stole money and a cell phone from a female passenger.

Tucker, 41, a frequent offender who was out of prison on parole, had robbed another woman at gunpoint minutes earlier. She was forced to accompany Tucker as he searched for another victim.

Here's the challenge: Identify one occasion in the past 25 years in which a white man shot a black victim as he sat in his vehicle, then rifled through the dying victim's pockets. Let's make it 50 years. Then post a link to the story in the comment section below.

From our source article we read:

About 5 a.m. Feb. 9, Tucker went up to a 25-year-old woman on the street and demanded money, then took some from her, according to prosecutors. Tucker then told the woman, who recognized him, that she was going to help him rob drug dealers on the street, and that he would kill her if she refused to cooperate.

Tucker took the woman, at gunpoint, to the 4500 block of West Van Buren Street, where Serpe lived and where they found Serpe in the driver’s seat of a car, with another woman in the passenger seat, prosecutors said.

Tucker walked over to the driver’s side and tried to open the car door, but it was locked. He tapped on the window with the handgun he was holding, and pointed it at Serpe, prosecutors said. Serpe tried to drive away, but Tucker shot at him through the driver’s side window, breaking the glass and hitting him in the chest.

After Serpe was shot, Tucker leaned into the car through the broken window, opened the door, then went through Serpe’s pockets, prosecutors said. Tucker turned to the woman in the passenger seat and demanded her property, then took cash and the woman’s cell phone from her and ran away.

Police arrived and found Serpe in the driver’s seat of the grey Toyota Scion. He was dead on the scene, and the Cook County medical examiner’s office later determined he died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

The woman who had been with Serpe called police about Serpe’s being shot by Tucker and told them about the other woman being with him, prosecutors said. After investigators identified Tucker as the shooter and arrested him on Sunday, both women identified him in lineups.

Tucker is on parole in a 2011 narcotics case, and has served time in prison a half-dozen other times, dating back to the early 1990s. His previous convictions include several other drug cases and an aggravated battery with a firearm case from 1990, for which he was sentenced to 8 years in prison.
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The tragedy occurred in February, 2014.


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