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Why are "feminists" in Sweden
afraid to speak out?

January 29, 2014

Anyone beside me notice that conservatives are like shipbuilders and fine sailors? That leftists are like pirates who take over those organizations formed by decent people and reset their sails in a leftward direction? Sometimes dashing them upon the rocks and rendering them useless? That conservatives respond by jumping ship and fleeing to a new vessel as the cycle begins anew?

I was reminded of that reality when I noted the Girl Scouts were infested with militant feminists. These pirates are suggesting the GSA nominate abortion advocate Wendy Davis as its woman of the year.

One may ask, "Why don't conservatives do the same?"

In this case, the answer is obvious: Leftist have no counterpart to the Girl Scouts to be pirated. Leftists are not shipbuilders nor competent sailors. They are pirates! They can't successfully form groups like the Girl Scouts. They can only pirate them.

Lifenews.com published Girl Scout insider, Christy Volanski, who expressed her disdain with the pirating of the GSA by feminists.
“As a concerned pro-lifer who supported the Girl Scout organization for many years, as a girl member and as a troop leader, it saddens me to share the fall of this once venerable organization that to this day retains the support of so many wonderful women and girls, many of whom are unaware of what they are actually supporting. But families deserve to know the truth,” she said. “There are a lot of accusations in the blogosphere about the Girl Scouts. Some are fact, like the Girl Scout organization works alongside abortion providers and funds/promotes abortion rights advocacy groups.”
The same was the fate of the Boy Scouts that's been pirated by militant gay hate groups.

There are other examples.

Recall that Harvard was founded in 1636 as a Christian institution formed to train ministers. Yale was similarly found in 1701 for the same reason. Dartmouth University was founded by Eleazar Wheelock, a Congregational minister. In fact, all of the nine colonial universities began as institutions for training ministers or as schools with philosophies rooted in the traditions of our Puritan past. Today they are among the most left-leaning education centers in the world.

When did the transformation take place? When did the leftist pirates take over? Can you think of a single university founded by leftists for leftists that was taken over by conservative scholarship?

The same is true for political movements. The feminist movement of the 19th century was patently pro-life as were practically all early feminists. The Democratic Party was once considerably more conservative than it is today. The influx then influence of the socialist brand is made evident by the policies of Franklin Roosevelt. We are currently watching the Republican Party being overwhelmed by RINO pirates.

The pirates, of course, present themselves as progressives whose presence will steer the ship in the correct direction even as its taking on water and sinking.

It's hard to imagine a time when Hollywood was dominated by patriotic Americans. When conservatives resisted the pirating of their industry by leftists, they were accused of blacklisting. As president of the Screen Actors Guild in 1947, Ronald Reagan openly denounced the influence of the political left in Hollywood, calling it "communism." True to the pattern, conservatives in the entertainment business eventually abandoned ship and for decades remained scarce or in the closet. More recently they have formed a new affinity group called Friends of Abe.

What applies to the Girl Scouts, political movements, and even industries also applies to nations.

With a few notable exceptions such as Jonestown in Guyana, New Harmony in Indiana, and a host of hippie communes, socialists seldom set out to set up their own communities. When they do, they all fail. Leftists prefer to pirate free-market regions and press them leftward until they, too, fail. Such was the case in Russia and China. Though recovering, both nations bear the debilitating scars of socialism.

When leftists attempt to form organizations, they nearly always fail. The National Organization for Women is a mere shadow of its former self. ACORN flopped. Air America Radio is defunct. A host of surviving leftists upstarts all bear the same burden: They are funded by George Soros rather than grass roots support and once that financial underpinning is gone, they, too, are damned to destruction. You may read a list of these organizations here.

The United States of America is being pirated by the left. Unfortunately, conservative can't jump ship and found a new nation. There is nowhere to go.

For once we must stand and fight.

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  1. Excellent.

    One of the things President Obama wants is free preschool education. Of course his supporters will love the word “free” because they are too stupid to understand the cost of free. Why does President Obama want this? The simple answer is Statism. The state is your mother and your father. The State must separate the child from its parents at an early age. The State does this manipulating the economy to where the mother must work to support the family. After a six week maternity leave, the child is sent to day care where they wait while the parents earn a living until the child is old enough to start pre-school. If pre-school is free, the State can start indoctrinating the child earlier than kindergarten. Any bond between the mother and child is broken by this early education (indoctrination) to where the child looks to authority such as teachers and administrators and their peers for their values and not to their parents. The child is taught that the State is both its mother and its father and if the child should ever have to choose between its parents and the State, the child, if educated properly, will chose the State.

    If we lived in a truly just society, efforts would be made on the part of government and corporations to aid those mothers who want to stay home and raise children; however, if an American president suggested this in the State of the Union Speech, the Feminists and other Leftist groups such as the Homosexual Mafia would demand his head. The Feminists and the Homosexual Mafia are the Culture of Death’s shock troops. The children who are not aborted are to be indoctrinated in this brave new world. This is where the Culture of Death comes in. The Left wants to destroy the nuclear family and the Christian religion because both stand in the way of the State. Both require loyalty to something that is not the State. What the Left wants to do is to institute policies that undermine the family and the Christian religion. The Left has declared war on America, Christianity and Western Civilization.


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