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afraid to speak out?

January 26, 2014

Is this statement ever true?

'Diversity is our strength.'

I can think of only one circumstance: When it applies to liberal Democrats who are attempting to strengthen their voter base.

Cultural and intellectual thermodynamics that result from unrestrained ethnic diversity will eventually weaken liberal Democrats along with the rest of our society.

That's not to say non-white have no value in a white culture. Consider, for example, the fact that George Zimmerman, a 'white' Hispanic was protecting a white neighborhood. If your house catches fire, you don't call 911 and request they send white firemen. If you need brain surgery, you don't seek out the whitest person to perform the surgery, you seek the best surgeon regardless of ethnicity.

Conversely, whites have value in non-white cultures. White people put an end to generations of inter-tribal warfare among American Indians. White people gave the world's population the electric light and countless other innovations. In that case, diversity is their strength.

It is peculiar, then, that liberal Democrats insist on attaching the 'racist' label to white conservatives and similar pejoratives to non-white conservatives.

Sometimes race is an issue and it seems that liberal Democrats are the primary culprits at making it so then exploiting it to their advantage. Racism is a problem that will never be resolved because liberal Democrats depend on it for survival.

Liberal Democrats, for example, unwittingly admit their racism when contending the term illegal alien is racist. Their contention assumes the term is only used by whites and, more importantly, that all illegal aliens are non-white. How racist can one be?

Consider, also, that if non-white immigrants trended towards voting for Republicans, liberal Democrats would be at the forefront of the effort to expel illegal aliens from our nation.

Then take note the liberal Democrats place emphasis on immigrants that are non-white. They simply do not want white Europeans coming to America. They know that white people are more likely to oppose their cultural Marxist agenda that is meant to lead to economic Marxism.

-- Kenn

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