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January 27, 2014

Residual DNA from a single Mesolithic-era tooth has led researchers to believe that Europeans were dark skinned as late as 7,000 years ago.

Genetic material from the millenia-old skeleton of La Brana 1 found in a cave in Spain in 2006 suggests Europeans had blue eyes and dark skin.

An article in Nature reported, "The La Braña individual carries ancestral alleles in several skin pigmentation genes, suggesting that the light skin of modern Europeans was not yet ubiquitous in Mesolithic times."

Two words from the original abstract place the finding in context the media tends to ignore. Those two words are suggesting and ubiquitous. The latter means pervasive or universal. The authors aren't concluding the light skinned Europeans didn't exist, they were merely suggesting that  there may have been exceptions to light skinned Europeans.

It's no surprise the mainstream Marxist media is over-playing this story today, as if to defend to onslaught of multiculturalism as a return to our natural roots. To help guide readers in the correct direction I've added the abstract from the original article from the Nature magazine website. The abstract is absent of the hyperbole demonstrated in the popular media.

The original article seems to argue for ethnic distinctions rather than similarities by confirming that Europeans are a distinct people group that developed independently.

Below is the abstract from the original article. News report links are listed below the jump.

-- Kenn [ click here to watch video ]

Derived immune and ancestral pigmentation alleles in a 7,000-year-old Mesolithic European

Ancient genomic sequences have started to reveal the origin and the demographic impact of farmers from the Neolithic period spreading into Europe1, 2, 3. The adoption of farming, stock breeding and sedentary societies during the Neolithic may have resulted in adaptive changes in genes associated with immunity and diet4. However, the limited data available from earlier hunter-gatherers preclude an understanding of the selective processes associated with this crucial transition to agriculture in recent human evolution. Here we sequence an approximately 7,000-year-old Mesolithic skeleton discovered at the La Braña-Arintero site in León, Spain, to retrieve a complete pre-agricultural European human genome. Analysis of this genome in the context of other ancient samples suggests the existence of a common ancient genomic signature across western and central Eurasia from the Upper Paleolithic to the Mesolithic. The La Braña individual carries ancestral alleles in several skin pigmentation genes, suggesting that the light skin of modern Europeans was not yet ubiquitous in Mesolithic times. Moreover, we provide evidence that a significant number of derived, putatively adaptive variants associated with pathogen resistance in modern Europeans were already present in this hunter-gatherer.
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  1. I don't care what color you make European peoples, their facial and bone characteristics would still be unique from any other race. I've never bought the thing about it's just about color. Any idiot can look at the races and see all sorts of differences at first glance. If it's only skin deep, how can a forensic pathologist look at a skull and tell you the race in about three seconds. For that matter, how can these researchers say they know the skin color from DNA? What a bunch of crap we have to put up with!

  2. Just look at people in India there are some people that have very dark skin but they have features like Europeans,they are not negroid and neither are Europeans .I was watching a documentary on Youtube about the so called out of Africa theory and a man from India who was dark skinned was quick to point out that there was a big difference between his people and sub Saharan South africans.If I can find it I will post it.


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