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January 25, 2014

At a time when most men would be well into their retirement (or dead), Sheriff Joe Arpaio is focused on a career change. He wants to be promoted from county sheriff to governor

81-year-old Joe may have an obstacle in his bid to be the next governor of Arizona: He's 81 years old.

Knowing Joe, however, age is no deterrent. Nor is money. The popular get-tough law enforcer has already raised millions for his re-election campaign.

Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County, is hailed as a hero for his no-nonsense approach to housing prisoners. He recently punished inmates with a diet consisting of nothing more than bread and water after they allegedly defaced a flag.

The sheriff is a media magnet who seems to love the limelight more than law enforcement. One gets the impression that his get-tough approach is nothing more than media hype that keeps him in front of cameras. When he forced male inmates to wear pink underwear, the undies became a hot commodity. It's almost as if criminals want to be in Apraio's jails.

Should conservatives get behind Sheriff Joe if he runs for governor?

Let's wait until we hear his views on issues that transcend underwear color.

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