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January 21, 2014

Obama favors marijuana legalization because "only a select few get punished" when caught.

The president is singing a theme song we can expect to hear again and again over the next several years: It's called Disparate Impact.

That songs has two stanzas.

The first is about white privilege, a patently anti-white racist concept that white people are innately advantaged because they are the majority. The implied remedy is to displace the white power base.

The second stanza is about non-white disadvantage. That's the "select few" Obama speaks of.

Because whites are unfairly privileged, non-whites are necessarily disadvantaged, the refrain goes. That creates a disparity between whites and non-whites and a consequential across-the-board negative impact on all non-whites. Hence the song title, Disparate Impact.

The disparate impact concept has risen in recent years because racial discrimination has run out of steam. Cultural Marxism requires racial dissonance to survive and civil rights legislation has successfully erased racial discrimination in housing, hiring, and every other aspect of American life.

The disparity between whites and non-whites (East Asians excepted) is still apparent. That impact is not caused by white privilege, but by DNA. Cultural Marxism understands that and will exploit it at every opportunity.

The illusion of white racism will never go away. Cultural Marxism will perennially be pitting non-whites against whites in some form or fashion. Hollywood will continue to produce white-guilt movies, television will continue to churn out mind-manipulating nonsensical fiction, and people like Obama will continue to sing along.

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  1. They are arrested more than whites because they have a blatant disregard for the law and frequently smoke weed out in the open, in parks, while driving around blasting rap, or just struttin' down the boulevard. Also, when they do get stopped, they are FAR more likely to give the police shit-talk, hence they get pinched a lot more.


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