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January 20, 2014

The guy who made racist, derogatory remarks about gun-totin' Christians in Pennsylvania back in 2008 has a problem: He says some dislike him because he's black.

Victimization, it seems, is never out of reach. Even the president feels the pain.

My thoughts? Thanks for asking.

First, Obama is only half black. Therefore, people would only half dislike him.

Second, Obama can oversee the NSA building a spy infrastructure that effectively records and stores FOREVER every byte anyone enters on the Internet and many whose computers are offline. Yet, he can't seem to launch a simple website. Something is amiss. We know it. And we don't like your policy, Mr. Obama.

Third: It's not you, Mr. President, it's the $17-trillion dollar debt, the government takeover of healthcare, the mandate that every American must purchase a policy, the EPA's noxious micro-managing our wood-burning stoves and run-off water from our gutters, Eric Holder's Justice Dept extorting hundreds of millions from banks under the guise of racial discrimination, the 'keep-your-own-policy' lie, the pretense of avoiding disparate impact that is actually abject anti-white racism that allows non-white students to go unpunished for committing a highly disproportionate acts of violence at government schools, the 90,000 students who are admitted to emergency rooms each year due to intentional violence, the 'if-I-had-a-son' nonsense, the golf games, the vacations, the my-dog-Bo-gets-his-own-plane at taxpayer expense, the Keystone pipeline rejections, millions spent on vacations, those all-too-amusing selfies you snapped at the memorial service of the world's most beloved terrorist, the bombing of Toronto, the high unemployment rate, banning the media from daily White House affairs, the birth certificate that says 'African American' long before the term was in use, your love affair with Jeremiah Wright, your dependence on teleprompters, the entourage ambulance running out of gas, czars, dictates disguised as executive orders, Valerie B. Jarrett's hell-to-pay diatribe and the fact that she still has a job, your oblivious endorsement of the knock-out 'game', okay I just made thing about Toronto up, your indecision to cope with Syria, the fact that you didn't smack that fake deaf interpreter upside the head when you had the chance, your pretense of acquiesce towards Islam, singing 'Chain, chain, chain' in public, feminizing the military, the IRS harassment of Tea Party organizations, that idiot Sandra Fluke, your disparaging remarks about your white mother-in-law, that fact that you throw a baseball like a girl, your lack of experience, your 1995 mortgage discrimination lawsuit against Citibank that contributed to the real estate bubble, and, uh...

Let's see. What am I missing?

The avoidable Benghazi embassy attack.

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