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January 27, 2014

A man was attacked and robbed in Bridgeton, New Jersey after his car got stuck in the snow.

The victim's vehicle got stuck as he was entering the parking lot of a local Dollar Store. While trying to free his vehicle the victim was approached by two males and female who demanded money. The man said he had none and was then beaten unconscious and, when he awoke, found his wallet missing.

The victim was treated for injuries at a hospital.

The media profiled the victim and attackers by gender, but not by age or race. The exclusion of pertinent information makes it difficult for the public to assist police is identifying the attackers.

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According to the 2010 census, Bridgeton is 51% white and 27% black.

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  1. The "O" owned press will not tell us when blacks attack whites. This doesn't help the black cause, therefor it's covered up by the democraticly run machine. The POS in the WH is ruining everything about this country that made it great.


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