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January 31, 2014

Memphis police officer Don Williams was shot dead in 1997.

His killer, Timothy McKinney, was freed after less than sixteen years in prison.

McKinney got into an argument last week at North Memphis Market, pulled a gun he possessed illegally, and fired.

One bullet hit a 14-year-old bystander. Wanya Phillips survived, but is confined to a wheelchair while his wounds heals.

Why was McKinney free? Mistrials.

Although sentenced to die in 1999, hung juries led to a lesser conviction and a plea deal that allowed McKinney to walk out of prison in May of 2013.

Cultural Marxism has convinced some Americans that the nation's black prison populations are unjustly high relative to the general population. Once seated on juries, such mind-manipulated Americans can foolishly vote against the evidence in a misguided attempt to enact social justice. High profile cases such as that of O.J. Simpson freed a man who later committed a crime. The mainstream Marxist media punished jurors in the George Zimmerman trial for doing the opposite.

McKinney may well have been the beneficiary of such jurors allowing him to go from death row to a convenience store, free to kill again. Fortunately the second shooting didn't result in death.

All involved were black, evidence that cultural Marxism hurts non-whites. Cultural Marxism is true racism.

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First victim: Memphis police officer Don Williams 

Second victim: 14-year-old bystander Wanya Phillips

Pulling the trigger.

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